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8/12/2013 The Legal Framework Governing War and Terror

A Discussion on Sources, Interpretation and Fragmentation.


Sunday, December 22nd, 2013. Room SL310, Radzyner-Sustainability Building, IDC Herzliya.

4/12/2008 The Threat of Terrorism to the Stability in the Middle East

In light of the success of the first bi-lateral ICT - Italian conference of June 2007 on “The Threat of Terrorism on the Stability of the Middle East”, The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) held the Second ICT – Italian conference on 4 – 5 December 2008, under the sponsorship of the Italian embassy.

18/11/2008 ICT researchers participate at an international seminar in Madrid, Spain

Dr. Eitan Azani, Col. (ret.) Yoni Fighel and Dr. Ely Karmon participated at a major seminar on "Islamist Terrorism across the Mediterranean: Assessing Risks and Threats", held on November 17 – 19, 2008 and organized by the Real Instituto Elcano and the Fundación Ortega y Gasset in Madrid, Spain.

30/4/2008 Remembering - Symposium on the subject of Bereavement, Terrorism and Decision Making

Ahead of Israel’s 60th Independence Day, the International Institute for Counter Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, in cooperation with the “Remembering” Organization, will conduct a symposium on the subject of “Bereavement, Terrorism and Decision Making in Israel”

The symposium’s goal is to stress terrorism’s implications on cultural and social-psychological aspects with regards to the extra-military arenas: the media, civil society, the judicial arena and the public remembrance and bereavement. The symposium will focus on the developments in these areas due to the understanding that their functioning directly or indirectly affects social strength, political power and national psychology in a society that continuously deals with real terrorist threats.

25/2/2008 The Mind of the Terrorist: The Psychology of Terrorism from the IRA to al-Qaeda

A symposium, held at the IDC Herzliya, with the participation of:
-Dr. Jerrold M Post, Director, Political Psychology Program, Professor of Psychiatry, Political Psychology, and International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University
-Prof. Ariel Merari, Member and Former Chairman of the Department of Psychology at the Tel-Aviv University and Director of the Political Violence Research Unit.
-Dr. Boaz Ganor, Founder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

The lectures were followed by a discussion with the audience and ICT's research fellows and associates. 

3/1/2008 Human Rights versus Public Security in NATO’s countries: Coping with Radicalism and Terror Activities among Inmates

More than 20 professionals in the fields of terrorism, corrections, human rights, journalism and psychology gathered in Eilat from December 3rd to the 5th for an intensive research workshop sponsored by NATO, the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) and The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).

25/12/2007 Global Terrorism and International Crime

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in cooperation with the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructures held on November 13th, 2007 the third International conference of the World Anti- Criminal and Antiterrorist Forum (WAAF) on "Global Terrorism and International Crime".

11/12/2007 ICT's International Expert Forum in honor of Col. Binyamin Gibli

ICT have gathered a prestigious and unique group of experts to conduct discussions in real time about issues concerning terrorism and counter-terrorism. The purpose of this forum is to share views, gather and relay information for everyone to benefit from. For example, after a terror attack or counter-terrorist operation, participants in the forum can say where they stand on the situation, their questions and dilemmas and to start a discussion. This will ensure fast communication and to exchange important ideas with each other.

24/10/2007 New Battlefields, Old Laws - From the Hague Conventions to Asymmetric Warfare – Workshop Summary

As we approach the 100-year anniversary of The Hague Rules of 1907, it has become increasingly clear that there is a need for a fundamental re-examination of the policies and laws for the conduct of armed conflict.

18/10/2007 Road-Show Summary, March-June 2007

The Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and Counter-Terrorism Solutions (CTS) Ltd., the consulting and training arm of ICT, conducted an advanced workshop "Road Show" in the United States titled "Combating International Terrorism: Current and future trends and domestic implications" from March 22-29, 2007.The workshops were designed for security agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, first responders, decision makers, international and local business corporations, heads of security departments, and more.

12/8/2007 International Training Course at the ICT

A special delegation of approximately 80 senior military, government and law-enforcement personnel in the field of counter-terrorism from various countries around the world came to Israel as part of a special Marshall Center course between June 23rd- 25th.

The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies based in Garmisch, Germany is a German-American organization working to strengthen the security cooperation in the international level, especially in the field of defense, between North American, European and Asian countries.

11/6/2007 The Threat of Terrorism to the Stability in the Middle East

The first bi-lateral Italian-Israeli conference on “The Influence of Terrorism on the Stability of the Middle East”, under the sponsorship of the Italian embassy and with the support of the Israeli MFA, took place between 11 – 12 June 2007 at The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT),
the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).

The goal of the conference was to analyze the influence of terrorism and large scale violence on the political processes and the policies of states and non-state actors, during this crucial period for the stability of the region.

Five renowned Italian and eight Israeli experts in the fields of terrorism and counter-terrorism studies in the Middle East, participated in the conference.

13/12/2006 Dialogs on the Challenges Posed by Non-state Enemies, Terrorism, and the Asymmetries of Warfare

The two hour lasting video conference between the Maxwell School of Government faculty and the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) at the Syracuse University and the Lauder School of Government faculty and the Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya discusses: From the Hague Rules of 1907 to the new Rules in 2007 – Dialogs on the Challenges Posed by Non-state Enemies, Terrorism, and the Asymmetries of Warfare".
The video conference will be held on December 13th between 16:00-18:00 at the Arison-Lauder Building, room 316.
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13/11/2006 Seminar: Israel, Russia and the Iranian Boiling Pot

The objectives of this two day seminar are to examine the national interests of Israel and Russia concerning Iran, the Israel and Russia relations in the light of Iranian "aggravation" and to evaluate the nuclear capability of Iran, its impact on global stability and its connection to terrorism. The seminar is hold by the Institute for Counte-Terrorism (ICT) together with the Foundation Experimental Creativity Center.

17/9/2006 Hypermedia Seduction for Terrorist Recruiting (NATO ARW)

The ultimate goal of the one week workshop on Hypermedia Seduction For Terrorist Recruiting is not only to evaluate the effectiveness of the terrorist propaganda on the web and its influence on the target audience, but to recommend practical steps that can be taken to counter this effectiveness. The workshop’s primary objective is to understand the efficacy of terrorist use of the Internet and the scope of this activity.

11/9/2006 The Second Lebanon War

Due to the recent developments in the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, ICT has decided to conduct a special symposium as a pre-conference event on September 11th. This event will include three panels focusing on the lessons learned and the ramifications of the conflict with Hezbollah.

21/6/2006 Islamic Terrorism and the Balkans

Evening seminar on Islamic Terrorism in the Balkans.

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