Highlights 5th Conference  

ICT’s fifth annual international conference (in September 2005) provided a vital opportunity for over 800 leading experts and decision-makers from over 45 countries to network, establish essential cooperation, and exchange views and experience.

Key Speakers from Israel: Mrs. Tzipi Livni, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Lt. Gen. (Res.) Moshe Ya’alon, Former Chief of General Staff; Mr. Avi Dichter, Former Head of the Israeli Security Agency; Maj. Gen. (Res.) Giora Eiland, Head of National Security Council


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“A real defensive front is not possible on a national level, it needs to be on the EU level.” View presentation


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“European Muslims may join the Iraqi insurgency and threaten Europe ... Radicalization due to the Iraq War cannot be overlooked.” View Presentation


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“The events of 9-11 have put [intelligence and security] services onto a path of more meaningful cooperation, where operational matters and intelligence have been exchanged.” View presentation


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“The war on terror is successful and the environment is undergoing enormous changes… terrorists adapt and what worked yesterday is not the same for tomorrow... We must think strategically, plan beyond the current generation.”  View presentation


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“Intervention is needed to prevent radical ideas from turning into violence. The key is engaging the young generation to ensure trust and confidence.” View presentation


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“Europe is now a target and a source of terrorism. As a result, the EU’s role in counter-terrorism is changing towards facilitating cross-border cooperation and ensuring joint actions between police, judicial and security agencies.”  View presentation



“The wave of terrorism is not generated by the war with Iraq. The terrorist of today were yesterday’s regime … We must have an alliance between our countries. It is the only way we can succeed in fighting jihadism.”  View presentation

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