ATbar ISIS and the Sunni Separatists Aim Fire at Iran

ISIS and the Sunni Separatists Aim Fire at Iran

07/06/2017 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)  


The dominant view in Tehran is that the issue of Sunni extremism will be resolved once ISIS is defeated militarily in Iraq and Syria

In this author’s opinion, the threat by ISIS, or what will remain of it as an underground terrorist network, to Iranian territory and interests will grow after ISIS is defeated militarily. The role of Iran and its proxies - Hezbollah and the numerous Shi’ite militias in Syria and Iraq – in fighting the Sunni jihadist and Islamist organizations, in massacring innocent Sunni civilians, and in extending its control over chunks of Syrian and Iraqi territory will only increase the motivation of these elements to challenge Tehran and its hegemonic ambitions in the Arab world.

ISIS cells and terrorists could also cooperate with or join Sunni separatist movements in Ahwaz, Kurdistan and Baluchistan, and thus increase the efficiency and the lethality of the attacks inside Iran and possibly in Tehran.

In their struggle against the Iranian hegemonic ambitions, the Sunni Arab states, mainly Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries, could support these movement, including ISIS, politically, financially and possibly militarily these movements."

First published by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, an agency of the Ministry of Defense of Spain

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