ATbar Does Poverty Cause Terrorism?

Does Poverty Cause Terrorism?

15/03/2018 | by Jager, Avi  

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In a time when our leaders invest immensely to develop effective counter-terrorism and counter-radicalization strategies, it is essential to understand the root causes of terrorism. One of the main claims made by respectable organizations such as the U.N., political leaders, and notable scholars, is that poverty can be attributed as a direct cause of terrorism. As such, scholars have produced a host of literature exploring the extent of association between poverty and terrorism. This study, however, demonstrates that the great majority of both theoretical and empirical research on the association between poverty and terrorism leads to the inevitable conclusion that poverty is not, as it is often perceived to be, a cause of terrorism. This information requires a change in our mindset - how we view terrorism, and use new information to reshape our counter-terror policies to secure our countries.



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