ATbar Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts 2021

Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts 2021

01/01/2021 | by ICT Researchers  


Dr. Ely Karmon in an interview to the Argentinian Radio Jai station about Turkey's regional and international strategy under the leadership of President Erdogan


04.03.2021 Dr. Ely Karmon's article on the Iranian terrorist plot in Ethiopia cited by the Italian news website insidertrend


25.02.2021 Dr. Michael Barack in an article on Israel Hayom The "Arab and Muslim Union for Supporting the Resistance" is a pro-Iranian international platform seeking to advance the goals of the resistance axis against the US, Israel and their allies

05.02.2021 Dr. Ely Karmon's analysis on Radio Jai in Buenos Aires of the Iranian terrorist activity, on the background of the latest attempted  attacks in New Delhi, Africa and Europe

02.02.2021 Dr Ely Karmon in an article on Jerusalem Post about the New Delhi terrorist attack. Also published on the Insidertrend  political website in Italian. Available in Spanish on the Radio Jai website in Buenos Aires.



18.01.2021 Dr. Ely Karmon in an interview to Radio J in Paris on the impact of the new American administration on the recent tension betwenn Israel and Iran in Syria and the prospects for future negotiations on the nuclear agreement with Iran (in French)

15.01.2021 Prof. Gabriel Weimann in an interview to Calcalist on the patterns of extremists and terrorists online

Prof. Assaf Moghadam in France24 on the relationship between Iran and Al-Qaeda

07.01.2021 Dr. Michael Barak was cited in Israel Hayom in its English version on ISIS, al-Qaeda and Lebanese Hezbollah as well as the Arab countries in the shadow of COVID19 Crisis in the Arab states

04.01.2021 Dr. Ely Karmon in an interview with Buenos Aires RadioJai about the Iranian threats of revenge for the death of General Qassem Soleimani and the intricate problems that this implies for all regional actors before the Beiden administration takes control in the United States