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ICT's Commentaries provide short analyses and relevant insights on current terrorism and counter-terrorism events worldwide.


“Protective Edge” – Insights

16/09/2014 | by Mr. Shabtai Shavit

Does the strategic, long-term threat posed by Hamas constitute an existential threat or not? I choose to leave the question open to the discretion of the reader.

If a decision maker is convinced that the cumulative threat is indeed existential and manages to convince the world of such, then he can cast off the burden of proportionality that ties our hands behind our back in battling the enemy, prevents the enemy’s surrender, and casts doubt on our ability to persuade the enemy to abandon its armed struggle.

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Israel, America and the Long War

10/09/2014 | by Dr. Robert Satloff

Prepared remarks to ICT Conference on global counter-terrorism

Herzliya, Israel - Tuesday September 9, 2014

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Israel’s Policies during Operation “Protective Edge” – Defeat? Deterrence? Settlement?

01/09/2014 | by Dr. Boaz Ganor

Operation “Protective Edge” began on July 8, 2014 in light of the serious escalation in rocket fire directed at Israel from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian terrorist organizations, led by Hamas. Hamas, which had refrained for many months from using the large rocket infrastructure that it had built in the Gaza Strip (which, immediately before the operation, consisted of ten thousand rockets that covered most of the territory of Israel), began to indiscriminately fire dozens of rockets into Israel in an attempt to hit civilian settlements.

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Fernando Reinares: "Kill Them! Who was Behind 3/11 and Why Spain was Targeted."

31/08/2014 | by Dr. Ely Karmon

The book also describes in detail the rise of jihadist networks in Spain, in the larger context of jihadist terrorism in Western Europe, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

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The Gaza Wake-Up Call

14/08/2014 | by Dr. Boaz Ganor

Israel is not free from mistakes. Just as in previous wars and military operations, the IDF and Israel will investigate their actions after the current battle in Gaza comes to an end. Israel will draw operational conclusions, including those with moral implications. However, you my friends, Israel criticizers, should also do well to examine yourselves; you should avoid falling into the manipulative trap of terrorist organizations and their supporters once again in the future; you should internalize the fact that Israel’s battle against the hybrid terrorist organization, Hamas (as well as its big brother in Lebanon – Hezbollah), is nothing more than a microcosm of the global international battle taking place in recent years between Islamist-jihadist terrorist organizations, and the culture of the West and of the democratic-liberal world. Israel once again finds itself the vanguard of the Western world as it is forced to cope with new methods of terrorism that will eventually threaten other Western countries. This happened during the 1960’s and 1970’s when Israel was forced to cope with hijackings after which the entire world faced this type of terrorist act; in the 1980’s and 1990’s when Israel was forced to cope with suicide attacks, a method that became widespread throughout the world in the years that followed; and again today as Israel faces a hybrid terrorism that exploits and abuses liberal democratic values and will pose a challenge to many other countries in the future.

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