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The Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism presents periodical insights on the latest significant issues discussed in Jihadi forums. The review covers a broad range of fields and presents trends in the dialogue between Jihadi activists and supporters. It examines new Jihadi publications as well as traditional news sources, and includes: leaders' statements, Jihadi magazines, interesting correspondence which stimulated dialogue, specific threats and clues regarding attacks, predicted future activity and more.

The Islamic State speaks Russian – a new market for ISIS propaganda

01/02/2016 | by Fainberg, Alisa (Dr.)
Tracking the Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda activities clearly shows that 2014 and 2015 have become turning years in ISIS’ attention towards Russia - both government, officials, as well as potential fighters. Russians fight for ISIS at least since 2011, but it were these 2014 and 2015 years when ISIS propaganda machine has started active spreading both reading, audio, and video materials targeting various audience groups in Russia. Thus, in September 2014 (three month after declaring a new Islamic Caliphate) ISIS have released a message threatening Russian and personally president Putin to conquer (or to “liberate” according the message) Caucasus, and Chechnya in particular in retaliation to Russian military planes supplies to Syrian government army.
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Radicalization of Jihadi Discourse against the Saudi Regime as Reflected in Social Media

17/01/2016 | by JWMG Team

The Saudi regime and the Wahhabi religious establishment in Saudi Arabia have been perceived in the eyes of Global Jihad activists, already since the end of the last century, as illegitimate entities that ingratiate themselves to the West (in particular the United States). They are viewed as responsible for pervasive Western influence in Muslim lands and the subsequent destruction of the Muslim identity. Saudi control over Islam’s two holiest religious sites, Mecca and Medina, fuels the determination of jihad fighters to concentrate their efforts of liberating those sites from the grip of the Saudi regime. The establishment of Najd Province by the Islamic State in 2015, on the border of Saudi Arabia, indicates an intention to focus efforts on increasing terror attacks in the Saudi kingdom’s territory, as was demonstrated with several terror attacks carried out by members of the organization against the Shi’ite minority during 2015.

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The Unification between the Al-Murabitoun Organization and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

23/12/2015 | by JWMG Team

On December 4, 2015 the leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Abd al-Malik Droukdel Abu Musab Abd al-Wudud, announced that the Al-Murabitoun organization, headed by Sheikh Mokhtar Belmokhtar, was joining the AQIM: "We hereby inform the Islam Nation that the lions of Islam and heros of the struggle from the Al-Murabitoun Brigade are joining Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb." The Al-Murabitoun spokesman, Abu Dujana al-Qasmi, verified the announcement and explained that the unification was intended to maintain unity in the ranks, and prevent division among the mujahideen: "Our merger with our brothers and beloved in the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb organization was done with the intention of preserving a strong, united stance in the face of the occupying Crusador enemy," and warned that a war between brothers among jihad fighters would lead to their destruction, and would do service to the Crusader enemy.

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Jihadist Social Media Activity-Twitter (June 30-July 15)

03/12/2015 | by JWMG Team

In recent years, jihadist groups have turned to several social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to disperse their messages to the world. These messages have the goal of spreading the idea of the groups’ supremacy and overall righteousness to others in the social media cyber-sphere. Muslims and non-Muslims alike view the various pieces of propaganda, whether in print or video, that are meant to both instill fear into “non-Believers” and also encourage others to come and join the cause. However, the various jihadi groups do compete with each other, often condemning each other’s actions, humiliating each other via videos and pictures, and threatening one another with violent action.

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The Wave of Incitement by Jihadist Activists Continues: Defaming France on the Social Media Sites

17/11/2015 | by JWMG Team

The social media sites serve, without a doubt, as important platforms in the hands of jihadist activists for transmitting messages about recruitment, for indoctrination, and for other uses. The serious terror attacks that occurred on November 13 in Paris significantly enhanced the impassioned and inciting discourse fueled by jihadist activists, and specifically by the Islamic State, denouncing France. For example, a new Twitter hashtag was launched on November 15, called “Paris Before Rome” (#باريس_قبل_روما). The discourse is mainly characterized by praises for the recent terror attacks, and calls for intensifying the acts against France and its institutions around the world.

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