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The Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism presents periodical insights on the latest significant issues discussed in Jihadi forums. The review covers a broad range of fields and presents trends in the dialogue between Jihadi activists and supporters. It examines new Jihadi publications as well as traditional news sources, and includes: leaders' statements, Jihadi magazines, interesting correspondence which stimulated dialogue, specific threats and clues regarding attacks, predicted future activity and more.

The Importance of Maintaining and Expressing Allegiance to Al-Qaeda – Ayman al-Zawahiri Nov 2017

03/12/2017 | by JWMG Desk
On November 28, Al-Sahab jihadist media institution published a new speech by Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaeda, titled, “We Will Fight Them as One Body”.
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‘A Lecture on Kidnappings’ by Saif al-Adel

16/11/2017 | by JWMG Desk
Saif al-Adel (literally: "Sword of Justice") is a pseudonym for Muhammad bin Salah al-Din Zidan, an Egyptian strategist belonging to the generation of the founders of Al-Qaeda. Zidan was responsible for bin Laden’s security, he served as the organization’s explosives expert and he was involved in, among other things, planning the terrorist attacks at the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.
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28/03/2017 | by Cyber Desk

Op-Israel is the name given to a campaign of cyber-attacks carried out by hackers identified with
the international anarchic group ‘Anonymous’, and with pro-Palestinian hacker groups, against
Israeli Internet sites with the goal “to disconnect Israel from the cyber world”.

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The “Bot Mujahideen” Telegram Channel

12/02/2017 | by Barak, Michael (Dr.)

The Telegram application has been commonly used by global jihadist elements since the end of 2015 due to its encryption and secure use, and in light of the increased closure of jihadist accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Telegram serves as a central platform for imparting and disseminating the ideology of terrorist organizations, managing propaganda and psychological warfare, creating an online arena for the sharing of information and the exchange of ideas on various topics, such as religious legal, public and cyber issues, and more. The “Bot Mujahideen” Telegram Channel, which is closely associated with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front), stands out in this context in light of its role as a centralized online interface that provides information on a wide range of topics for jihad fighters in Syria.

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Turkey on a Collision Course with the Islamic State

12/01/2017 | by Barak, Michael (Dr.)

The shooting attack carried out by the Islamic State (IS) at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve is another example of the organization's efforts to undermine Turkey’. In the first three months of 2016 alone, Turkish security agencies foiled 80 attempted terrorist attacks by IS fighters and arrested over 3,506 suspects, including 1,531 people of foreign nationalities.[1] The rise in the number of Turkish Air Force strikes, and the invasion of Turkish troops into northern Syria in order to purge the area of an IS presence, has sparked vigorous dialogue among IS fighters and strengthened their motivation to carry out additional attacks inside Turkey.

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