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As the tempo of radical Islamism is accelerating in the West, the agents and their means of Islamic radicalization irrefutably pose an existential threat to the core liberal values of western civilization. It is in this context – the increase and spread of Islamic radicalization in the West – that the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) is proud to present the Islamic Radicalization Index (IRI).

The IRI includes articles, essays, opinion pieces and briefing notes, written by ICT Staff, Fellows and Interns dealing both with theory and empiricism of Islamic radicalization. The IRI will also offer country-by-country analyses of trends in Islamic radicalization. These reports seek to demonstrate, within the confines of national borders, how, why and by whom Islamic radicalization is proliferating in each nation-state. Ultimately, it is the purpose of the ICT to offer the international community a new outlet that seeks to discuss and educate the growing issue of Islamic radicalization in the West.


Islamic Radicalization in Norway

12/02/2015 | by Ms. Tuva Julie Engebrethsen Smith

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the process of radicalization of Muslims in Norway. The paper begins by outlining the Muslim population, demographics, mosques, organizations, as well as political participation. The paper further presents a theoretical approach to radicalization while looking at the issue of radicalization in Norway. After this section, follows some case studies of Norwegian foreign fighters in Syria and supporters of terrorist attacks in Africa. At last, the government´s response to radicalization in Norway is outlined, with a following conclusion that explains the increase of among Norway´s population. 

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Islamic Radicalization in the State of Maine

06/07/2014 | by Ms. Lauren Fisher
Terror in Vacationland is an assessment of Islamic radicalization in the State of Maine. Using both empirical and theoretical frameworks, this work analyzes Maine’s Muslim populations, identifies potential risk factors for radicalization, and explores historical connections between terrorism and Maine.
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Islamic Radicalization in Massachusetts

02/07/2014 | by Ms. Shira Pindyck

This report examines Islamic radicalization in Massachusetts by applying an integrated analysis of the state’s multi-faceted Muslim community. Given the historic and continued commitment to religious freedom in Massachusetts, instances of radicalization within the state are a unique phenomenon. 

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Islamic Radicalization in Arizona

31/10/2013 | by Mr. John Robert Butler
Jihadi terrorism has become an area of increasing concern for world governments since 9/11. However, individuals typically go through an extensive process of radicalization prior to the execution of such religious violence. . 
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Islamic Radicalization in North Carolina, United States of America

21/10/2013 | by Ms. Lea Speyer

The purpose of this report is to examine Muslim radicalization in North Caroline by applying an empirical and theoretical analysis of the Muslim community of North Carolina to allow for a greater understanding and scope of current and future Islamic radicalization trends in the state. The first section of this report focuses on the demographics of the Muslim population of North Carolina in order to gain insight into the composition of the multi-faceted Muslim community. The second section focuses on the organizational structure of the Muslim community, listing the various Sunni and Shia religious institutions in the state. While researching the religious institutions, certain religious leaders have been shown to be associated with national radical Islamic associations. The third section analyzes four case studies of terrorist activity on North Carolina soil, illustrating the dangers of self and group radicalization. The main conclusion of this report is that evidence suggests that Islamic radicalization is not a severe threat to the peace and security of the population of North Carolina or the United States.

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