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29/3/2006 Al-Qaida and the War on Terror after Iraq

Ely Karmon

This article is part of a paper originally written for a project and conference on "After the Iraq War: Strategic and Political Changes in Europe and the Middle East," co-sponsored by the GLORIA Center and The Military Centre for Strategic Studies (CeMiSS) of Italy.

20/3/2006 The Global Jihad - The Yemeni Connection

Asaf Maliach

This article is examines the Yemeni connection to worldwide Islamic terrorism, the involvement of Yemeni Muslim volunteers in the war in Iraq, and the measures taken by the Yemeni government to combat this terrorism.

1/3/2006 Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami and the Cartoon Fracas

Asaf Maliach

Since the beginning of the wave of protests, the Party has attempted to maintain the image of a moderate party which communicates its messages using non-violent methods.On the other hand, it does not hesitate to use radical religious terminology which is likely to incite violent confrontations.

26/2/2006 "Ordinary People" and "Death Work" - Palestinian Suicide Bombers as Victimizers and Victims

Anat Berko and Edna Erez

Applying criminological / victimological concepts and theories, the study addresses the social process involved in Palestinian's suicide terrorism and describes Palestinian's pathways to suicide bombing. The data are derived from in-depth interviews of seven male and female Palestinians serving prison sentences in Israel for attempted suicide bombing. The social background, context, and experiences of the interviewees, including their recruitment, interactions with the organziations atht produce suicide bombing, the tangible and intangible incentives and rewards that motivated them to become suicide bombers, their preparation for the mission, and the strategies employed by the organizations to sustain recruits' resolve to conform to the plan are described and analyzed. The implication of the findings for the theory and public policy are drawn and discussed.

5/2/2006 Hamas' Post-Election Strategy - Step-by-step to the Liberation of Palestine

Asaf Maliach

Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections presents a substantial threat to the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations and even to the future of the entire Middle East.

20/1/2006 The Aftermath of 7 July - New Trends in Terror

Michael Whine

The 7 July multiple bombings in London demonstrate the emergence of new trends which have begun to manifest themselves elsewhere, most notably it appears in Australia and the USA.

10/1/2006 Book Review: Coalitions between Terrorist Organizations: Revolutionaries, Nationalists and Islamists

Jeffrey M. Bale

A book review of Dr. Ely Karmon's book titled "Coalitions between Terrorist Organizations: Revolutionaries, Nationalists and Islamists", published in 
“Deciphering Islamism and Terrorism,” The Middle East Journal, Autumn 2006, Vol. 60, Iss., 4, p. 777.

7/1/2006 Hamas and the "Two Level" Strategy

Asaf Maliach

The Hamas movement has scored two major successes recently. The first was in the recent local elections that took place on December 15, 2005. Secondly, Hamas has benefited from the internal struggles within Fatah.

1/1/2006 Who Bombed Northern Israel?

Ely Karmon

On the night of December 27, 2005, nine katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel. Four rockets hit the town of Kiryat Shmona, while another hit the Western Galilee town of Shlomi and four landed in open areas.

26/12/2005 Briefing Note - The Hawala System & the International Monetary Fund / Financial Action Task Force

Isaac Kfir

The purpose of this paper is to review a specific ASR system, the hawala system. The emphasis is laid on the purpose of the hawala system and some of the advantages that hawala offers its users. The second part analyses some of the actions taken by the IMF and the FATF in their campaign to combat it.


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