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6/10/2003 Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Female Suicide Bombers

Yoni Fighel

The participation of women in Palestinian terrorism is increasing. Israeli security forces are aware of as many as twenty cases in which women were involved in terrorist activity against Israeli targets; some as facilitators, while others operated at the most radical level, carrying out suicide bombings.

25/9/2003 Saudi Arabia Confronts Bin Laden Supporters

Yoni Fighel

The 12 May 2003 bombings in Riyadh were dramatic evidence that al-Qaida is at work in the Saudi kingdom, the birthplace of the terror group’s founder, Osama bin Laden.

23/9/2003 POW Talks with Hizballah: A Strategic Mistake

Ely Karmon

The Sharon Government is about to make a strategic mistake. If the prisoner-exchange deal now being worked out comes to fruition, Hizballah will be strengthened politically, psychologically and, in the final analysis, strategically, too.

15/9/2003 A Counter-Terrorism Decathalon - Defense Issues for the 2004 Athenian Olympics

Niv Elis

The Olympic games is the world’s most-watched sporting event, with an estimated four billion viewers from over 160 countries. This is good news for sports fans, but unfortunately may be no less so for terrorists seeking a high-profile target.

29/8/2003 The Iraqi Hizballah: Dangerous implications for allied forces in Iraq

Moshe Marzuk

On 28 August, Al-Jazeera’s web site reported that Italian forces in Iraq had arrested the passengers of a vehicle carrying a load of weapons and hand grenades in the city of al-Nasseria.

10/8/2003 Al-Qaida on the Internet Recent al-Qaida Commentary may shed Light on Modus Operandi

Yoni Fighel and Moshe Marzouk

A radicial Islamic group, the Shahid Abu Hafas al-Masri Brigades, recently claimed responsibility for the July 20th plane crash in Kenya that killed twelve American tourists and the plane’s two South African pilots. Their statement was published on the on the FAROQ web site which is associated with Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic groups in Iraq

15/7/2003 Osama bin Ladin as the New Prophet of Islam

Yoram Kahati and Yoni Fighel

At the beginning of July 2003, a new Bin Ladin audiotape roughly 30 minutes long was disseminated via the web sites identified al-Qaida supporters. It is unclear when the tape was recorded, nor whether the speaker is in fact Osama bin Ladin. However, the tape is important in that it contains new ideological material and uses a new strategy for selling the Islamic message to the younger generation.

5/7/2003 Saudi cleric issues fatwah on the use of weapons of mass destruction

Yoni Fighel and Moshe Marzouk

Recently, a well-known Saudi cleric issued a religious edict (Fatwa) granting legal legitimacy to the use of weapons of mass destruction against the US and Britain and against their citizens. Sheik Nasser bin Hamd al-Fahad is recognized as one of the senior Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia and is associated with Bin Laden’s al-Qaida organization.

19/6/2003 Telewar Lessons of News Management in the Gulf Wars

Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff

As of mid-April 2003, some fourteen American and other nationals, including women, lost their lives on the battlefield, as well as in Iraqi cities, while covering the Gulf War (Operation Iraqi Freedom). A heavy price, indeed, was paid by the media, in order to cover the creation of the new Iraq. This is the highest price ever paid by the press for covering such a short war.

15/6/2003 Providing Compensation for Harm Caused by Terrorism - Lessons Learned in the Israeli Experience

Hillel Sommer

The resulting Israeli system of compensation has now reached stability, following several major modifications. The resulting system is unfortunately the product of significant experience in administration, both in terms of the time period involved and the number of events and victims.

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