Mr. Haim Koren  
Mr. Haim Koren

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Koren is Director Middle East Division, Center of Political Research Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem. His many positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, included serving as Director, Political Planning Division, Jerusalem, Deputy Spokesman, Press Division, Consul for Press and Information. Consulate General of Israel, Chicago. Consul, Consulate General of Israel, Alexandria, Egypt. Second Secretary, Embassy of Israel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

His academic record includes lecturing at the University of Haifa: "The Development of Arab Media" – Department of Communications.

Teaching at University of Haifa – Middle Eastern History Department "The Social and Political Development of Arabs in Israel".

Approval of the Ph.D. Proposal by Advanced Studies Authority. Ph.D Subject: "Local Archives in Dar Fur (Western Sudan) 1720 – 1916".

Lecturer, Emek Yezreel College. Middle Eastern History, Sociology of Islam, The Arab Media. Member, Center of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago. Political Science Department "Politics in the Middle East" University of Haifa, Guest Lecturer.

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