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Eyal Ragonis z"l , 1958-1995

As it is written on his headstone: A Man, An Intelligence Officer, An Architect

Eyal Ragonis

Eyal was imbued with a sense of purpose and patriotism. He artfully succeeded to integrate his two main areas of interest, intelligence work, and architecture and was guided both by his love of humanity and of the land of Israel.

Eyal served as an intelligence officer in elite units, the Paratroops and the Chief of Staff’s Corps (Sayeret Matkal). During his service he led secret missions which have since become a legend among Israel’s intelligence and security communities. Eyal is called “the ultimate intelligence officer”, one whose values and professional standards guided generations of intelligence officers. Eyal excelled in strategic planning being creative, and ground-breaking, as well as a precise executor. His deep knowledge of architecture was felt in his military intelligence work as well, where he applied his creative thinking and expressed his technical and professional expertise with which he contributed to the promotion of intelligence combat doctrines in elite units. In his civilian life as an architect stands out his involvement in the impressive Andromeda Project in Jaffa.

Eyal was an educator by nature and a man of high morals, in principles and standards. He set an example to all of his surroundings, his family, colleagues, subordinates and commanders. Eyal was a family man, a true offshoot of the Ragonis family from Rishon Lezion, adored son of Raya and Haim, and beloved brother of Onn, Oz and Adir.