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1/1/2014 Will Abbas Defy Islam for Peace with Israel?

Dan Diker

Israel’s release of convicted Palestinian terrorists and Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s reported agreement in principle to concessions in the Jordan Valley beg an important question; Can Israeli concessions influence the Palestinians to sign an historic peace deal that ends the Arab Israeli conflict once and for all?

First published by the Jerusalem Post on January 1, 2014.

29/11/2013 The Mossad Did Its Part

Mr. Shabtai Shavit

I returned from a trip abroad and read the numerous articles in Haaretz and Yediot Aharonot concerning the recent publication of testimonies made to the Agranat Commission that had been assigned by the Israeli government to inquire the Yom - Kippur war (1973).

28/11/2013 The Prospects of the Peace Negotiations

Dr. Ely Karmon

Dr. Ely Karmon interview on the Prospects of the Peace Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to the series “Five Questions - Five Answers” of the Israeli Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

For our interview series “Five Questions - Five Answers”, Dr. Ely Karmon, Senior Research Scholar at The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy and Strategy at The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, elaborates on the prospects of the current Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.


26/11/2013 Hamas in disarray

Dr. Ely Karmon

 There is now a window of opportunity to exploit the organization’s weakness, Egypt’s goodwill and Tehran’s restraint to advance the peace negotiations

First published by the Jerusalem Report on November 18, 2013.

3/11/2013 The window of opportunity

Dr. Boaz Ganor

Here in the Middle East, we have long since become accustomed to the status quo being the good news – even the best news – and to any change in it bearing the seeds of imminent catastrophe. The tectonic changes of the Arab Spring revolutions thus portend the danger that fundamentalist Islam might sweep the region, banishing any hint of Arab moderation, conciliation, or peacefulness.

Yet if recent events are ominous, they also constitute a conjunction of rare opportunities with positive potential for Israel.

First published by The Jerusalem Post


27/10/2013 The Military Command and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, What Next

Dr. Barak Ben-Zur

In an exceptional and rather dramatic decision a month ago, an Egyptian court banned all activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and ordered the confiscation of party’s funds. If fully or even partly implemented, this ban will create serious existential challenge for the brotherhood. Their best options at this stage are: firstly, to transform to a completely underground armed group that will fight the military regime trough armed resistance and other violent tactics. Otherwise they can simply comply with regimes’ road map and hope to find a solution at the negotiation table.


14/10/2013 Al-Jazeera does it again: Arafat poisoning claim backed by journal

Dr. Ely Karmon

In July 2012 Al-Jazeera published the results of "an investigation into the mysterious death of the late Palestinian leader [which] reveals that he may have been poisoned" with radioactive polonium 210. Al-Jazeera and Arafat's widow Suha were behind the investigation. The scientific investigation was the work of the experts at Institut de Radiophysique at Lausanne University, Switzerland.

5/10/2013 The Definition of Terrorism: A Fundamental Counter-Terrorism Measure

Dr. Boaz Ganor

Dr. Boaz Ganor's Address at ICT's 13th International Conference: World Summit on Counter-Terrorism on the need to achieve an internationally accepted definition of terrorism.

28/9/2013 Can the Russian - American plan to keep Assad from using chemical weapons work? (Spanish)

Dr. Ely Karmon

  El plan para desactivar las armas químicas sirias no es nada realista, entre otras cosas, porque son las armas “apocalípticas” del régimen de Assad para mantener la supervivencia de su propia comunidad alauita.

First published by El Imparcial


18/9/2013 Don't hold your breath for Syrian chemical weapons to be destroyed

Dr. Ely Karmon

 The plan to disarm Syrian chemical weapons is unrealistic, not least because they are the Assad regime's doomsday weapon to preserve the survival of its own Alawite community.

First published by Haaretz


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