The ICT staff is composed of a team of professional experts in terrorism and counter-terrorism studies and research, with both an academic background and past experience in the Israeli security establishment.

Our researchers conduct briefings on nearly a daily basis for senior foreign political, diplomatic, military and intelligence officials who visit Israel as guests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Defense Ministry, and on diplomatic missions or private visits.

ICT staff is interviewed daily by the electronic and written media from all over the world with an average of 150 interviews a month.

We also give lectures and even half-day seminars to bigger groups of visiting: politicians, academics, students and Jewish organizations.

The following are various specializations of the ICT:

  • Terror Strategies and Terror Definition
  • Terror and the Media and Public Opinion
  • Terrorism and Democracy
  • Counter-Terrorism Strategies
  • Unconventional Terrorism
  • Suicide Attacks
  • The Peace Process and Terror
  • Relations between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority
  • Israel and Coping with Terror
  • Coping with Countries Supporting Terror
  • Punitive Steps, Deterrence and Defense against Terror
  • Dilemmas in Counter-Terrorism
  • Terrorism and Extortion
  • Hostage Barricade Situations
  • The challenges of Global Terrorism
  • Negotiation with Terrorists
  • World Terrorism: Target Selection Process
  • Global Terrorism and Security Threats
  • Securing critical infrastructure and national assets
  • Role of Special Forces in Counter Terrorism
  • Guerilla Warfare – Threats and Challenges
  • International Terrorism in the Middle Eastern and Global arenas
  • WMD Terrorism
  • Strategic Issues in the Middle East and Beyond
  • Political violence and Extremist Organizations and Parties (Right and Left)
  • New Strategic Actions of terror organizations in the Middle East
  • Fighting Terrorism
  • Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority
  • Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad
  • Security Policy in the Territories
  • Suicide Terrorism
  • Islamic Culture and Global Jihad
  • Civil Society and Coping with Terror through Educational/Psychological Activities
  • The Conflict in the Middle East – the Components of the Conflict and the Players Acting in the Arena
  • The Lebanese and Palestinian Arena
  • Palestinian and Islamic Terror Organizations in the Middle East
  • Global Jihad and Suicide Bombers
  • Gathering, Researching and Analyzing Data as a basis for Decision-Making in the Security and Business Fields (on the Strategic Level and for Operative Needs)
  • Imprisonment and the Imprisonment Process in both Military and Civilian Prisons
  • Palestinian suicide terrorism (Male and Female Suicide Bombers)
  • Combat Development of Counter-Terrorism Means (Procedures and Operational Drills for Operational CTU's in the GHQ)
  • Operational Techniques: Entering Captured Rooms and Transportation Means, Hostage Negotiation
  • Operational Procedures and Orders, Policy and Strategy
  • Threat Analysis of Conventional, Non-conventional and Cyber-Terror and Building Counter terrorism Databases
  • Counter-Terrorism Policy
  • The Development of Terrorism
  • Suicide Terrorism
  • Countermeasures and Operations in Terrorism Events
  • Assassinations of terrorist leaders and activists: methods, history, techniques, consequences
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