ATbar Ben Yaakov, Uri (Lt. Col. Res.)

Ben Yaakov, Uri (Lt. Col. Res.)

Senior Researcher, ICT, Israel

Lt. Col. (Res.) Uri Ben Yaakov is as a Senior Researcher and Project Manager at The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism(ICT). He brings to ICT a wide experience in intelligence, analysis, research and management. 

Lt. Col. (Res.) Ben Yaakov began his military service in theParatroopers in the Israel Defenses Forces (IDF) and continued his service in various intelligence positions.

He has a BA in General Studies from Tel-Aviv University and later on completed his law studies. He finished his MA studies in Government with Specialization in Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Security and a Certificate in Cyber-Terrorism from the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

Lt. Col. (Res.) Ben Yaakov is an accomplished businessman with international experience in Europe, Israel and Asia.

He is the representative of ICT to the Israeli Parliament for the proposed Counter-Terrorism Bill and a specialist in the field of Syria, Cyber-Terrorism, Terrorism Financing and International Cooperation..

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Terrorism - Imposters and Deception on the Internet


Terrorist organizations use the Internet for a wide range of activities, including the dissemination of messages, making contact, recruitment of manpower, fundraising, propaganda, incitement, psychological warfare and intelligence. Cyber-defense activities by terrorist elements include the dissemination of information and guidebooks on the subject, the provision of guidelines regarding modes of action, encryption and transfer to the darknet, which they claim will improve the efficiency of traffic protection and anonymity on the part of the organizations themselves as well as their supporters. Such activities are designed to protect against tracking software used by intelligence agencies, activists and various Internet platforms operating against terrorist organizations on the Internet in general, and on social networks in particular.

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