ATbar Hezbollah’s Threat in Germany

Hezbollah’s Threat in Germany

07/08/2014 | by Williams, Jasmine  

Former CIA director, George Tenet testified that the capability and presence of Hezbollah is equal, if not more capable than that of al-Qaeda. Tenet made this statement in 2003, over a decade ago, and Hezbollah has only further expanded its operations as it continues to evolve and function as a hybrid organization with political, social, and terrorist components, as well as expanding its network outside of its home base of Lebanon.

As many focus on the growing presence of Hezbollah operations in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, Hezbollah’s presence in Europe is quite fascinating, Germany in particular. Within German borders, the group has built a strong presence, as there is known to be over 1000 operatives within its borders to date.

It is important to note what factors have caused such localized German mobilization. This paper will provide an updated overview of Hezbollah operations in the Federal Republic of Germany and its government reaction and weaknesses.

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