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Prof. Boaz Ganor's Latest Book: 

The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism
and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World

We are pleased to announce you the publication of the upcoming book of Prof. Boaz Ganor: "The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World" published by Columbia University Press (May 2015).


Members of the general public, along with policy makers and academics, often associate terrorism with 
irrational behavior – they see terrorist attacks as senseless acts of violence perpetrated by crazed lunatics.

Global Alert debunks this myth by systematically explaining the rationale behind modern terrorism, referring to both the motivations that lead to terrorism (outlining the differences between root causes and instrumental causes), as well as the modus operandi of the terrorist organizations through on analysis of the  different stages in the execution of a terrorist attack (from indoctrination and recruitment to the planning, preparing, and launching of attacks)

The book builds extensively upon this model of rationality to explain how terrorist groups and their members develop, define, express and set out to accomplish their goals. It draws particular attention to the role of democracies and liberal democratic values in this process. As opposed to the commonly-held – and almost mythic faith – among many Westerners in the ability of democracy to serve as a miraculous solution to terrorism and radicalism, Global Alert explains how terrorists actually exploit democratic apparatuses and liberal values to further their own goals.

The book also refers to the difficulty that democracies face in fighting terrorism, especially in light of the fact that international humanitarian law does not adequately account for the role of non-state actors in armed conflict. In seeking to remedy some of the ambiguities regarding this role, the book suggests a new legal framework to govern military operations conducted between state and non-state actors (terrorist groups, guerrilla organizations, networks, etc.) part of a new form of armed conflict that is termed "multi-dimensional warfare" (war between states and non-state actors/hybrid terrorist organizations).


Official counter-terrorist doctrines are mired in old debates about the need to remove root causes, win hearts and minds, or shed self-imposed constraints and become more ruthless. Radical rethinking is in order. Global Alert starts us in a new direction. — 
Brian Jenkins, Senior Advisor to the President, RAND Corporation

There is no doubt that this book will serve as a significant contribution to a better understanding of the conflict that will continue to accompany human society for many years to come — 
Shabtai Shavit, Former Director of the Mossad

When it comes to outstanding informed, analytical and policy-oriented scholarship on counter-terrorism in the context of open societies, the work of professor Boaz Ganor is plainly and simply inescapable for academics, politicians, security practitioners and concerned citizens. 
Prof. Fernando Reinares, Professor of Politics and Security Studies at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and Senior Analyst on International Terrorism at Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid

This book is a must read for researchers, academics, practitioners, and decision-makers who will find a comprehensive strategic doctrine and operational approach to counter this plague of modern times." — 
Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere , Former Vice-president of the Paris Court of Serious Claims

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