ATbar Reportedly Israeli airstrike in Damascus

Reportedly Israeli airstrike in Damascus

23/12/2015 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)  

Reportedly Israeli airstrike in Damascus kills top Lebanese Druse Hezbollah operative and members of the "Syrian Resistance in the Golan"

"The killing of the abhorred terrorist Samir Kuntar has a symbolic and psychological importance for the Israeli public but it must be seen in the larger context of Israel fighting Iranian and Hezbollah attempts to build an extra-territorial platform to threaten Israeli territory and targets on the Golan and beyond.

The air attack, probably by the Israel Air Force, targeted the 6 stories building housing what was the headquarters or the operation room of the so called “National Syrian Opposition in the Golan” group, sponsored by Hezbollah and the IRGC Quds Force.

As most of the territory bordering the Golan Heights is empty of Syrian forces, it could be that Iran is planning to build an independent enclave in Israel's back, in case future events will lead to the division of the Syrian state.

It should be noted that since January 2015 the Israeli government has acted decisively in order to foil this strategic threat and lately has done it on the backdrop of the Russian intervention in Syria and its alliance with Iran, Hezbollah and the Assad regime. Hopefully, Israel will continue its assertive policy to defend its critical strategic interests."

Please see Ely Karmon's interview to the Jerusalem Post:

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