ATbar ICT– Israel Pathways to de-radicalization Sept 14, 2016

ICT– Israel Pathways to de-radicalization Sept 14, 2016

14/09/2016 | by Raza, Raheel  

Radical Islam is a problem. And it cannot be ignored. That is to say, we may ignore it, but it will not ignore us.

Let me identify some major types of radicalization albeit not all:

  • Radicals that want to join ISIS to become Jihadis and kill people

  • Radicals who are women, or spouses e.g. San Bernadino

  • The Reluctant radical i.e. someone who is brainwashed by friends or acquaintances

  • Radicals who search the dark areas of the internet

  • Radicals with a cause i.e. grievances both real and imagined – Maajid Nawaz dealt with racism and bigotry – felt justified – book Radical

  • Radicals without a cause – who have simply been taught to hate – Tawfik Hamid – Egyptian who was subtely brought into a radical ideology. Book Inside Jihad

  • Radicals as a result of Civilization Jihad – mainly come from the left – those who are soft Islamists – Athar Khan

There are radicals in Muslim countries for whom its just like joining an academy as all resources are open to them.

In Western countries radicals have to find allies which is becoming easier for them as we see PC and the fact that the regressive left refuses to call the problem what it is.

One thing the radicals all have in common is that they want to instill maximum harm.

This is a disease which has many contagious areas which are:

  • Fellow radicals/spouses/children

  • Radical messaging from mosques – e.g.

  • Canadian senator Daniel Lang told delegates to a public policy conference, “We need to recognize that radicalized thoughts lead to radicalized actions.”

Now that we have identified the virus, we need a cure. This is a challenge. Those of us who are reformist Muslims know where the problem lies as well as the solutions, but trying to convince our policy makers and law enforcement in our countries is difficult

Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale just gave a statement few weeks ago that “We need to understand what positive messages can counteract that poison. “

This is indicative of the idea our leaders have that ISIS is a warm fuzzy entity waiting to have inter-faith dialogue and everything will be okay – SERIOUSLY?

We know from failed efforts, that neither a predominantly military approach nor a PC approach has succeeded in ending the problem.

These approaches don’t take into account that terrorism is only a by-product of radicalization, and in order to eradicate radicalization we have to go the root causes and no matter how painful, like a root canal – we have to pull out the diseased part.

  • What is radical Islam?

  • Its the politicization of the message with the purpose of hegemony over the world – both Muslim and non-Muslim

  • Today there are only three models that the Muslim world is influenced by:

    • MB – created by ideologue Hasan al Banna with the concept that the west is evil, go there, infiltrate and weaken from inside. They were involved in the assassination of Anwar Sadat. Connected to Jammat i Islami in Pakistan whose architect was Maulana Mawdudi. Not overtly violent but very dangerous in ideology and beliefs

    • Khomenism – Shia  - When the Iranian revolution happened and Khomeni came into power, he had studied the mandate of the MB and wanted to “export” the revolution

    • This gave Saudi Arabia a conniption because now their power would be dislodged and their very existence was threatened.

    • Salafi/Wahhabi – Sunni – creation of Saudi Arabia – violent expression of Islam – killed Sufis and Shias at random.

    • So at the same time they started exporting their Salafi/Wahabbi ideology on the back of billions of petro dollars – first in the Muslim world and then in the non-Muslim world.

    • we see this in their addition to the Quran in which they slam Christians and Jews

    • How can we fight this? Negate all ideologies that are against HR. Name them and shame them. Call them out

    • Avoid political correctness. Get facts – BTN

  • People are in denial therefore facts and statistics are important to wake them up


  • Expose, educate and eradicate

  • Allocate aid to terror producing countries only based on measurements that they are fighting the scourge

  • understand that the world cannot win this war against the Islamist Radicals without the support of truly reform-minded progressive liberal Muslims. Attacking all Muslims or disrespecting all of them without being able to distinguish between those who want to implement the above violent Sharia principles and those who want to understand and practice their religion in a peaceful way is a mistake that could push the world inexorably into a violent, zero sum clash of civilizations.

  • This vision is not limited to the overt savagery wrought on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, but also includes the murky Islamist political efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood and its spidery network of seemingly benign organizations. Their intent, in their own words, is "destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Does North America do enough to diffuse radicalism and prevent its nationals from travelling to failing states to join extremists? The answer is obvious.

Amarnath Amarasingam, one of Canada’s leading researchers on ISIL recruitment, says ISIL’s claim to be the new caliphate offers Muslims and non-Muslims an intriguing and exciting new project. It “was seen as the fulfillment of a prophecy … It became incumbent on Muslims around the world to fight for this and build the new fledgling state. “Those who join are looking for “significance, meaning and belonging.”

Many parents of Westerners who have joined jihadi groups would like to see some efforts directed at deprogramming. They say police only see jihadi recruitment as a crime problem. So far, the deprogramming — treating people on the road to extremism as though they have been seduced by a cult, and trying to help them understand and resist what’s happening to them — has taken place very sporadically. Not only do most activists and agencies lack the money for long and expensive interventions, they have to accept the fact that someone who reads jihadi literature and agrees with it has committed no crime. People have a right to their religious beliefs, and many of the rights we have were won by people who refused to conform to the beliefs of the prevailing sources of power and moral authority.