ATbar Ambassador Daniel Shapiro – ICT16

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro – ICT16

11/09/2016 | by Shapiro, Daniel B. (Amb.)  

His Excellency Ambassador Daniel Shapiro, Ambassador of the United States of America to Israel

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". Ambassador Shapiro spoke of the importance of teaching the upcoming generation about 9/11 as it becomes history for those who were not yet born.  Additionally, Ambassador Shapiro restated the United States’ commitment to Israel and lauded the defense support package as the largest amount ever given to another country from the United States, further noting that the F35 JSF will be in the Israeli Air Force by the end of the year.  

Summary :

Ambassador Shapiro began his speech with the following statement: “Everyone remembers their story on 9/11, but we now face the difficult task of educating a new generation that will learn this event as history”. He emphasized that the lessons learned and the memory of both the victims and the heroes of 9/11 would mark this slow transition from living memory to history. Ambassador Shapiro stated that the heroism was especially evident in the case of flight 93, which thwarted an attack on the Capitol, an act which might have saved his life as he worked on the Capital on that day. He also emphasized how humbling the international response had been in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. America, he said, not only received unprecedented sympathy, especially from the people of Israel, but also commitment from it allies to fight terrorism together. He also stated that the security relationship between Israel and the U.S is not only extremely robust but also incredibly successful as projects such as the Iron Dome have proven to been instrumental in keeping the people of Israel safe.

Ambassador Shapiro also spoke about the assistance package that is being negotiated for the next decade, which is the largest package in the United States' history.  He affirmed that international cooperation has resulted in ISIL loosing significant parts of its territory in Syria and Iraq as well as in reducing its access to funds. Finally, Ambassador Shapiro quoted President Obama by stating that America is an indispensable force of good around the world and that along with its allies, it would make sure that no leader from ISIS is safe.