ATbar The Honorable MK Ayelet Shaked - ICT16

The Honorable MK Ayelet Shaked - ICT16

12/09/2016 | by Shaked, Ayelet (H.E MK)  

The Honorable MK Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice, Israel

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". MK Shaked discussed the actions the Israeli Ministry of Justice has taken in fighting group and individual terrorism. These measures include passing a law outlining specific punishments for various terror acts and establishing a Cyber Department in the National Prosecution, as well as a law addressing incitement on social media.  


MK Shaked claimed that terror did not begin today or on 9/11, it has existed in many places in many ways, and it is important that counter-terrorism efforts shift along with the developing threats of terror. The goal is to disconnect the oxygen between the terror organization and the digital means they have to reach each other and possible recruits. The 2016 model of counter-terrorism needs to address the new methods for terror available in 2016.

Shaked presented some of the steps the Israel Ministry of Justice is taking towards fighting group and individual terrorism:

  1. It has established the Cyber Department in the National Prosecution to work with companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to have inciting content removed and to give better records of inciting activity on these social networks to the ministry and the prosecution. Last year Facebook willingly removed about 50% of inciting content, and today they will remove 95% of all inciting content per the Ministry's request.  

  1. MK Shaked described a law, known as the Facebook Law, which addresses all social media platforms. We can now require by court order to remove any content that is calling for harm to an individual or a group. MK Shaked notes that she prefers to keep legislation to a minimum and hope for voluntary cooperation.

  1. A law, which took the Knesset seven years to pass, that outlined the specific punishments for those found to be committing terroristic acts. This law also punishes people who cooperate with and support terror, whether financially or by giving terrorists asylum.

There are many countries that look to Israel as a leader in the democratic world for its ability to fight terrorism under a democracy. We support and educate other countries about our legislation and how we have managed to fight terrorism. This kind of cooperation between states is an effective tool. The world is beginning to respect the tools and effectiveness of Israel in this fight.