ATbar MK Naftali Bennet – ICT16

MK Naftali Bennet – ICT16

12/09/2016 | by Bennett, Naftali (H.E MK)  

The Honorable MK Naftali Bennet, Minister of Education & Diaspora Affairs, Israel

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". MK Bennet provided the analogy of risk-based authentication used in online banking as a way of properly balancing security and privacy. If an individual falls into certain criteria which are deemed "risky" they will be analyzed more in depth. He suggests this is an optimal way to create security, without wasting resources or constantly intruding on individuals' rights.  


MK Naftali Bennet uses the analogy of risk-based authentication for banking systems to understand how to fight terrorism. Previously, he stated, we thought that if we erect stronger barriers that will be the way to fight fraud on the Internet. Bennet explained that he had established a company whose approach was to be more thoughtful in our security barriers, not stronger or bigger. The company utilized risk-based authentication, a security measure most of us who deal with our money online take for granted. Risk-based authentication analyzes the risk of the user and asks fewer or more questions to ensure authentication.

How do we apply that in the battle against terror? Any battle against terrorism brings tension between the quality of security and the quality of life. You could achieve 100% security if you close down borders of a country, no one in and no one out, but that would not be life.

When you have a thoughtful approach to security, it is optimal for everyone and allows for good balance between security and freedom to live. For example, instead of searching everyone walking into a mall, ask them a question to read the accent and intonation of their answer—if they have a heavy middle eastern accent and are a 23 year old male, the security guard may pull him aside to ask a few more questions, regardless if its politically incorrect. It is not optimal to waste resources scrutinizing everyone, most of whom pose little to no risk.

According to MK Bennet, another element to defeating terror is the strong response of the Israeli public; they do not enter hysteria. Israel is the world’s front post in the battle of terror. By being here we collect methodology, intelligence and lessons learned. We are not going anywhere and we hope that you do not push us to divide but rather back us in our quest to stay.