ATbar Periodical Review July 2010 – No. 2

Periodical Review July 2010 – No. 2

09/08/2010 | by JMG Desk  

This report summarizes the most prominent events raised in the Jihadi online forums in the first half of July 2010. Following are the main subjects covered in this report:

• An interview with the Al-Qaeda Preaching Supervisor in Pakistan.
• The Jihadi forums publish a program called “The Terrorism Industry”, intended to supply the Mujahideen with security and intelligence information.
• Publication of the sixth edition of the “Sawt Al-Islam” magazine, published by the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).
• Calls by internet surfers on the forums to carry out Jihad in the various fighting arenas.
• A surfer from the Palestinian territories encourages Muslims to embrace the ideology of Global Jihad in Gaza, and calls on the Salafi movements in the Strip to unite.
• The Salafi ideologist Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi was arrested and then released after a few days.
• The “Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen” organization claimed responsibility for the double attack which occurred on July 11th 2010 during the World Cup finals.
• An announcement made by Abu Muhammad Abubaker bin Muhammad Shekau, the Imam of the “Sunna Group for Preaching and Jihad in one of the African countries called Nigeria”.
• Unemployed youth in Algeria join Al-Qaeda in order to earn a living.
• The United States froze the assets of Anwar Al-Alwaki; The United Nations added his name to the list of terrorists.

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