ATbar Periodical Review November 2010 – No. 1

Periodical Review November 2010 – No. 1

15/12/2010 | by JMG Desk  

This report summarizes the most prominent events brought up in the Jihadi online forums in the second half of October 2010. Following are the main issues raised in this report:

• A new tape by Bin Laden, threatening France.
• Discussions on Jihadi forums continue surrounding Al-Qaeda’s strategy.
• The “Islamic State of Iraq” organization threatens the Christian church in Egypt.
• Explanations on the forums on how to manufacture explosive charges that can go undetected through airport scanners.
• A new issue of the Jihadi “Al-Somood” magazine.
• Global Jihad organizations focus their attention on the Palestinian theater.
• An announcement declaring the opening of a new forum called “Al-Mushtaqun Ila Al-Jannah”.

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