ATbar Periodical Review: Fatwas – September - October 2012

Periodical Review: Fatwas – September - October 2012

19/11/2012 | by JMG Desk  

This This review reports the main fatwas [religious-legal rulings] issued in September and October 2012, in response to readers’ questions, by Minbar Al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, the Web site of Salafist ideologue Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi.


1. Sheikh Al-Shanqiti permits the killing of the US ambassadors throughout the Muslim world and also gives his seal of approval to attacks on US embassies.

2. Warns against surrendering weapons to the establishment.

3. Determines that Jihad must be waged against the Alawi in Syria until they are banished from the country and views their defeat as a step on the way to Jerusalem.

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