ATbar Periodical Review: Summary from the Jihadi Forums - The First Half of February 2013

Periodical Review: Summary from the Jihadi Forums - The First Half of February 2013

09/06/2013 | by JMG Desk  

This report summarizes notable events discussed on jihadist Web forums during the First half of February 2013. Following are the main points covered in the report:

• The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan vows to continue armed resistance until it has routed the occupation and the last US soldier has left Afghanistan – in 2014, US President Obama has promised.
• Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) denounces France and its allies for fighting the jihadists in northern Mali, and reminds all Muslims that it is their duty to support jihad – physically, financially, verbally and in writing.
• AQAP mufti Sheikh Ibrahim al-Rubaish congratulates extremist Wahhabist Sheikh Sulayman bin Nasir al-‘Alawi on his release from a Saudi prison on December 5, 2012 after nine years of incarceration, and urges him to join the propaganda effort for the mujahideen.
• According to a senior Yemeni security officer, AQAP’s position weakened in 2012: it failed to establish an emirate in Mareb Governorate, it lost its hold on much of Yemen, and many of its leaders have been assassinated.
• The war and the French presence in northern Mali continue to inflame jihadists on and off the Web, who issue threats against French targets.
• A new Salafi-jihadist group is established in Mauritania: Ansar Al-Sharia fi Bilad Sinqit.
• Increasing numbers of Ethiopian and Kenyan militiamen are leaving the Ethiopian and Kenyan Armies to join Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen.
• The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), affiliated with Al-Qaeda, issues a new encoding program: Asrar Al-Dardasha [The Secrets of Chatting].
• A new jihadist Web forum devoted to Iraq is launched: The Islamic Caliphate.
• Members of the jihadist Web forum Hanein denounce a document issued by the International Union for Muslim Scholars, based in Qatar, concerning the establishment of a federal Islamic caliphate.

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