ATbar Counter-Terrorism Training

Counter-Terrorism Training

01/03/2014 | by ICT Staff  

Available course topics include:

Modern and Post-Modern Terrorism Fundamentals

1. Modern and Post-Modern Terrorism Strategies

2. ­The Counter-Terrorism Dilemmas

3. ­The Global Jihad (­e radical Islam phenomena)

4. ­The Global Jihad Terrorism: Target Selection Rational

5. State-Sponsored Terrorism

6. From Da’awa to Jihad

7. Counter-Terrorism Issues and Challenges for Homeland  Security

8. Insurgency and Counter insurgency – Global perspective

9. Global Terrorism in Europe – case studies

Th­e Financial Arena

1. ­The Changing Face of Financing Terrorism

2. ­The Role of Charities in Financing Terrorism



1. Perceptions in Modern Security

2. ­Treat and Risk Assessment Phase of the Integrative Security  Planning (Lessons learned from the 2004 Olympic Games)

Special Topics

1. Hostages and Extortion

2. ­The suicide terrorism phenomena

3. Terrorism and Technology

4. Psychological Aspects of Terrorism

5. Handling Terrorists in Correctional System and Prisons

6. Arab Culture and Environment

7. Terror and Medicine

8. Cyber terrorism

9. ­The Role of Intelligence in Counter-Terrorism


1. Border Protection

2. Access Control System

3. Critical Infrastructure

4. Maritime Security

Customized training programs tailored to specific operational requirements.

Training Curricula Geared for Individuals and Organizations who have regular interface with counter terrorism, intelligence and security concerns:


  • Law enforcement
  • Counter-terror units
  • Military
  • Security services
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Rescure teams
  • First Responders

Private Sector

  • Multinational corporations
  • Airline industry
  • Transport
  • Security companies
  • Banking system
  • Tourism industry
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