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Mending the Hearts of the Believers

28/11/2002 | by Multiple Authors  
 By Colonel (res.) Jonathan Fighel and Yoram Kehati

The following document, “Mending the Hearts of the Believers,” recently published on a website affiliated with al-Qaida supporters, is a very significant article. Its author is not only one of Osama bin Ladin’s supporters or admirers, but, based on his descriptions, he appears quite knowledgeable about terror activities involving the Al-Qaida Organization. He obviously has either inside information—or has access to someone who does—concerning various al-Qaida attacks in East Africa in August 1998, particularly the more recent ones in Yemen, Kuwait and Bali. Some of the expressions and idioms are almost identical to those employed by bin Ladin in his manifesto dated October 12, 2002, where he lauded the attacks in Yemen and Kuwait. The manifesto, aired on El-Jazeera on October 14, 2002, was also published on an Internet site identified with bin Ladin, along with the document under discussion.

It would appear that the main purpose of the document is propaganda: glorifying the abilities of bin Ladin and the Al-Qaida Organization which have succeeded in spreading terror among their foes, mainly the United States. The author lauds the lethal acts of “self-sacrifice” that have won international attention. He claims that this is how bin Ladin and his supporters have succeeded in removing the distress burdening the hearts of Muslims worldwide and enabled them to stand proud in the face of their loathing of the West in general and the United States in particular, as a result of their ongoing status of inferiority. The author also hopes that the Jews’ turn will come.

Thus, the author presents bin Ladin, Al-Qaida—and anyone who acts in their name or under their sponsorship—as being involved in the most murderous type of terrorism. At the same time, the author justifies the perpetration of acts of terror ideologically and lauds the terrorist activities and their results. He also warns of further terrorist attacks, which will have repercussions on the Western economy; these attacks will come, he says as long as the causes that have brought about the war against the West remain the same. In other words, so long as his demands of the United States and her allies are not met to his satisfaction.

The document is written in fluent and polished Arabic that testifies to fluency in Literary Arabic on an above average level (including knowledge of the Koran) on the part of the author, if this is indeed the true author. The author also develops the worldview of bin Ladin as a pure Islamic ideology whose violent implementation is justified as a means to unite the Islamic nation and turn it into a rising power in the international arena. 

We would emphasize that this document is the first to form a clear and conscious link between terror attacks that took place recently in Yemen (the attack against the French oil tanker at Al-Makaleh), in Kuwait (the attack against the American base in Fhilcha), and in Indonesia (the bombings in Bali). Moreover, the author claims that these attacks continue the work of their predecessors—the attacks in East Africa, the attack on the synagogue at Djerba, Tunisia, the attack against the USS destroyer Cole, and the attack against the Twin Towers. The author hints that Al-Qaida, led by bin Ladin, is responsible for all of them, although he does not say so in so many words. 

The author stresses that all of these acts express the realization of the “deep-rooted” Islamic worldview—a worldview considered radical in our eyes— disseminated by the Al-Qaida Organization among Muslims worldwide. In a concrete manner, the author presents the classic Islamic political view which divides the world into “Dar al-Islam” (“the area of Islam”) and “Dar al-Harb” (“the area of war), in which a perpetual Holy War (Jihad) is being waged. However, this view is presented in a new form; the war of the “Islamic Alliance” against the “Jewish-Christian Alliance.” This expresses clear justification for striking out against Jews and Christians wherever they are, in accordance with the religious ruling (“fatwa”) issued by bin Ladin and his group of supporters in February 1998, when they announced the establishment of the “International Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and Crusaders.”

Although the author claims that bin Ladin and his activities are not aimed at harming the innocent, he essentially justifies the destructive and lethal attacks in which he and the Al-Qaida Organization are involved – and in which innocent victims undoubtedly perished. His claim is that this is a just struggle, in the name of Allah, fought by true Muslims against the heretics, mainly the Christians leading the United States, but also against Muslims and corrupt apostates who spend their time in brothels and violate Muslim morals. Thus, the violent activities are part of the legitimate attempt to unify the parts of the single “purified” Muslim nation and fortify it as a rising power, which is expanding its scope and strength in the world. He states that Muslim rulers, particularly those who degrade by collaborating with the United States, are also legitimate targets for attacks. So far, these enemies have not yet been dealt with, because all of al-Qaida’s energies are now concentrated on the main objective; striking out at the United States and her Christian allies. Nevertheless, the author states, the Jews’ turn will soon come.

In providing encouragement to his main target population, Muslim youth worldwide, the author glorifies the daring combat skills of the “mujehidin,” (the Muslim fighters of the Holy War), who are willing to lay down their lives in the service of their senders, the leaders of the various Islamic organizations. These noble warriors, he says, fight for the welfare of the downtrodden Islamic nation, whose continuous historical splendor has been dimmed in the course of the twentieth century, and to glorify the name of Allah. He quotes various verses from the Koran in order to justify his overall view and provide his statements with religious legitimacy. He ridicules the soldiers of the armies of his enemies—whether American soldiers or Muslim soldiers—as well as some of the current Arab rulers. In comparison to the well-trained “mujehidin,” these soldiers (and rulers) are lacking in confidence, frightened, irresolute, lacking in proper military training, he claims. They are, in a nutshell, lackeys of the American Christians.

The author confirms that most of the Muslim fighters (“mujehidin”) who perpetrate these acts worldwide are “Afghan alumni” (or to be more accurate, alumni of the “Al-Farouq” training camp.) He also states that the attack upon Afghanistan by the United States and her allies has not caused serious damage to Al-Qaida. On the contrary, it has caused a positive change in its course of action (in such a way that makes things difficult for their adversaries). From an organization centered in one place, and thus more vulnerable and easy to find, al-Qaida has become a decentralized and many-branched organization which disseminates an Islamic “Jihad” message among Muslims worldwide and encourages them to perpetrate many actions of successful “martyrdom” (i.e. suicide attacks) against the enemies of Islam. 

The author states that in the framework of the “Jewish-Christian” war one of the considerations was to cause economic damage. In this connection, he confirms that the attack against the Twin Towers (September 2001) and against the French oil tanker (October 2002) are part of the economic Jihad. These attacks are meant to signal to the West under US leadership, that this type of Jihad, if it continues, will bring upon the West an economic holocaust. The author hints that the subsequent attacks in the line of the attacks on the Twin Towers will inflict serious damage upon the inhabitants’ welfare, particularly heating during the winter. In order to prevent this, the United States and her allies must put an immediate stop to the “great oil robbery,” namely, the taking of ofor which due compensation is not presented to its true Muslim owners – Iraq and the states in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. He also stresses that the U.S. must refrain from attacking Iraq, as this will serve as a pretext for additional lethal attacks against the Americans. 

The writer boasts that the “mujehidin” have succeeded in completely undermining the American security doctrine and have thrown the American military into serious disorder, causing demoralization among their ranks. To his mind, this reflects a historical turning point in favor of Islam. For the first time since the abolition of the caliphate (in 1924), the forces of Islam seems to be victorious in their struggle against the “Jewish-Christian Coalition”. Therefore, he warns that if the United States does not pull out of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula of its own free will – after having sustained serious blows in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and in its own territory – then it is to be anticipated that much more American blood (and other “Christian-Jewish” blood) will be shed.

The author emphasizes that the lethal activities perpetrated to date are also part of the Islamic attempt to safeguard the independent religious image of the Muslims from forced Westernization to which they are daily exposed (and which was undoubtedly accelerated by globalization, although he does not mention this). Moreover, he warns that if this process continues, the Muslims will be tap into the tremendous potential of their brethren in Southeast Asia, to train them, and reeducate them in the spirit of the “Jihad.” Indoctrinated in the bin Ladin school of thought, these people will then be deployed in the framework of the Islamic war against the heretical West.

It is noteworthy that the author addresses only briefly the events in the Middle East when he discusses the attacks. Thus, he claims that the attacks in Indonesia are also a response to the oppression of the Palestinians. He lumps “the Jews, the Americans and the British” together (in derisive terms) – a sort of current “trio of misfortune” which he views as a threat to Iraq. In the document there is no concrete mention of any link between Iraq and bin Ladin or Al-Qaida.

The document makes the fierce hatred for the United States clear – and to a lesser degree, for the Christian-modern West. Therefore, the descriptions that the author uses when depicting the United States are extremely sharp and he does not mince words when condemning the United States; he expresses the wish that the U.S. it will continue to deteriorate, until it disappears from the face of the earth. On the other hand, quite surprisingly the author does not revile the Jews in a similar fashion, although they constitute a central component in the “coalition” with the Christians against the Moslems and he expresses the hope that Al-Qaida will strike out at them. He also states that the attack against the French oil tanker was not perpetrated because it was French but rather because it is an obvious symbol of modern Western civilization, which is based on oil and its by-products. The West, he says, plunders the natural resources of the Muslim countries to sustain the luxurious lifestyle of its citizens, the energy consumers.


It is our assessment that this document is the first in a series of sequential documents, which the author states are to be published in the future. Even as it stands, this is of extreme importance because apparently for the first time it presents the first official claim that bin Ladin and Al-Qaida are behind all of the major lethal attacks that have taken place all over the world since the summer of 1998. From this point of view, and despite the lack of details regarding his identity, the author provides a clear basis that may prove useful when the time comes (particularly if his true identity becomes known) in the framework of the war against bin Ladin and Al-Qaida. The writer clearly explains the Jihad-based worldview, that al-Qaida is meant to implement. The declared objectives are to change the world order in the modern era and to purify Islam of elements considered traitorous, heretic, corrupt and immoral. This is to be accomplished through force and without any consultation with the relevant regimes, obviously including the tyrannical Muslim and Arab regimes. 

This document is of primary importance and should be published in as widespread a manner as possible, particularly in countries targeted by al-Qaida’s campaign of terrorism. This is because it present the citizens of these countries with a clear picture, plainly and without any trimmings, regarding the worldview, motives, objectives and operational methods of the entity involved in the most deadly terror attacks in the world today. This picture is frightening, in light of the fact that al-Qaida’s capabilities have not been exhausted and the organization has yet to have its final say. Yet, it is important that the countries targeted know what sort of enemy they are facing. It should be stressed that the author states that al-Qaida is an Islamic entity whose action plan makes it a strategic global risk. This is especially true because (to quote the author) it knows no boundaries, and it has no limitations or inhibitions, in all that relates to its determination to perpetrate its murderous acts against its victims, whether Christians, Jews, or Muslims.


Mending the Hearts of the Believers: 
The Link between the Campaigns in Makaleh, Fhilcha and Bali

Translated from the Arabic

In the name of Allah the Merciful.

By: Salem Almakhi

This week the American security forces and the media found themselves in (the throes of) a marathon prepared by the “mujahidin” (= Islamic fighters of the Holy War) – and they struggled for breath during the race – starting from Al-Makalehin Yemen, to Fhilcha in Kuwait and continuing on to Bali in Indonesia, and so on and so forth. 

This, (in an attempt) to pursue the mujahidin into an arena of operations that is unlimited and knows no boundaries, as stated (in the Koran):

“When the holy months draw to an end, you must execute those who do not believe in one God (Masharkhin) wherever you encounter them, (or) take them (into captivity), put a siege upon them and set ambushes for them. But if they repent, uphold the prayers and give charity, then it is your duty to release them. For Allah is forgiving and merciful,” [the Altuba Sura – the issue dealing with repentance (9, 5]. 

Is it Al-Qaida that is behind these events? Or perhaps it is the (Muslim) nation that stands erect and fully conscious. [Or perhaps] in its most important interaction since the abolishment of the caliphate?

I do not verify or refute who stands behind the attacks (Cherb).

In any event, may the United States sink in the darkness of confusion and illusion, anchored in the depths of fear and the corridors of horror with its odd mentality, continue crippled on its way, dig its own grave, and flounder in the depths of hell – because the Al-Qaida [organization] has succeeded in fooling them and has cast upon them its cloak of execution, may it [Al-Qaida] expel the Jews and their Crusader offspring.

These impressive acts – which are no less significant than their “sisters” [which would seem to infer that they were perpetrated by the same entity] in Africa, Yemen and the United States – accentuate issues of utmost importance and assimilate within the [Muslim] people basic concepts, which seemed on the verge of extinction. The most important of which is removing boundaries from the Muslim hearts and their blending within one body, [so that] if one of its organs complains [about an injury], the remaining organs [rush to its help and] do not move away from it. 

From the points to be detailed below [it can be] understood why we are intoxicated with victory in light of the results achieved in these operations:

The success of the call [or: preparing the hearts (dawa)] by the Sheikh of Osama bin Ladin and the Al-Qaida organization [to their supporters] to ignite the contact-line throughout the world, between thIslamic covenant - [i.e.] the heroes of the nation, and the blessed vanguard force and he leads it [the Organization of (Al-Qaida): regular parenthesis in the original)] – between the Jewish-Christian coalition (tachalif) that [arbitrarily] controls the Muslim holy sites and their natural resources. 

They accentuated the level of consciousness of the nation’s youth, that set forth to inflict punishment on their enemies and do not waste their energies on secondary battles with sinners and apostates. Because setting a joint goal, concentrating the efforts and utilizing resources for actions through them are one of the combat theories [known] to anyone who has learned the theory of combat and is well acquainted with it. 

The [combat] training tree planted by the Al-Qaida organization in its training camps in Afghanistan has grown and developed in the hearts of Muslim youth and it has yielded its fruit throughout the world. Because most of the ranks of warriors, that destroy the futility, are “alumni” of the “Alfarouq” training camp.

Through its attempt to strike out at an American aircraft in Saudi Arabia, to blow up a Jewish synagogue in Tunisia, to annihilate two destroyers in Yemen, to attack the base at Fhilcha and to blow up the houses of gratification and licentiousness in Indonesia, the Al-Qaida [Organization] has made it clear that it knows no obstacles when striking within Islamic and Arab territories, as long as the target does not deviate from the Jewish-Crusader coalition.

The American security mechanisms and their intelligence agencies, including all of their shades and structures – whether if they are the old [entities] or the new [entities] that were established [by them] after the blessed attack in the month of September [2001] – are nothing but an intimidation attempt through the media and a blatant lie, that do not “impress” the nation of those who walk the straight and narrow, who yearn for Allah in their hearts. 

The American assault on Al-Qaida in Afghanistan has significantly “raised the level of the organization.” Because its prominent dimensions in Afghanistan have disappeared and rather than settle in a known place, it has become a complex secret program and an enterprise of martyrdom spread out all over the world. Therefore, the annihilation of Al-Qaida has become an impossible mission, and [for this reason] the American administration will reap the [seeds] of its foolish deeds as stated [in the Koran]: “Do not regard this [=slandering] as something that brings down evil upon you. On the contrary, it brings you [only] good.” [Alnur Sura – “The Chapter of the Light,” (24, 11)]. 

The Al-Qaida [organization] succeeded in “exporting” its deep-rooted worldview which draws from its Islamic belief so that it has become like a “regular coin” within the nation, which has welcomed it [with open arms] and has hoisted the banner [that symbolizes it] with conscious wisdom and a sure heart, and has emerged with it throughout the world, grinding away the nonsense and ambushing it. 

The Al-Qaida [organization] succeeded in removing the dread of America [which burdened them]. It also revealed the enemy’s vulnerabilities to our nation’s sons, as well as ways to strike at them, weaken them and destroy them.

To refrain from protracting, I shall return to discuss these general points in another article, with the help of Allah.

Now, let us examine the results of the latest missions:

The results of the bombing of the French oil tanker by the “Yemen lions” in Al-Makaleh:

Striking the Western culture a blow, aimed at one of the pillars of its foundation, meaning: oil – on which modern Western civilization is based, and which enables its peoples to enjoy heating and a life of comfort – and putting the Western world in general to the test: 

The “mujahidin” did not strike at a French oil tanker but rather at the route for shipping oil – moreover, on its main path to the West. [Thus] they conveyed an impressive political message with [the following] content:

The Jewish-Christian coalition, led by the USA, must not even dream of taking over the Muslims’ oil in Iraq and in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. Otherwise – if Allah so wills it – sacrifices will be made, bodies will be torn limb from limb and blood will flow.

A grave warning to the Christians, members of the alliance with the United States, in light of the war that they are waging against Afghanistan and Al-Qaida. [They must know that] even if the mujahidin are temporarily turning a blind eye to them, this is still being taken into account. Therefore, their interests [=the Christians] may also be under the same level of threat. Which leads to [the need for] the increased isolation of the United States, Britain and the Jews.

Putting an end to the deeds of robbery and plundering of natural resources of the Muslims, which are not duly compensated. 

Weakening the United States and her allies, which act to secure the route for the huge robbery of oil and its sources to the country of those who steal it. This is something which can no longer be tolerated, and it serves as an indication of a gloomy future, [both] for the insurance companies and [also] for the shipping companies – which only heralds their bankruptcy. 

The scope of insight and awareness of the nation’s youth, and the profound understanding of the course of the campaign and its components of victory. Thus, they did not intentionally damage the oil wells in their countries but rather the route for exporting oil [from it] in order to paralyze the adversary’s economy. 

The United States and her allies must know that the arm of the free Muslims – thanks to the grace of Allah – can deprive the West of the source of its comfortable life. Thus, they will cause an [additional] economic earthquake that will supplement the economic earthquake of 11/9/[2001]. 

The attack against the marines at the Fhilcha Island:

This mission illustrated the supreme military prowess of the Islamic “mujahid” [=the fighter of the Holy War], who has excelled in his performances and [in activating] the weapons in his possession. Because there is no power on this earth that is capable of creating a partition against him when he sets out to perform Allah’s command, may he be elevated: Fighting his enemies.

The daring campaign has shattered the American security theory to pieces a second time, after they [=the Americans] left the Arab continent in order to remain permanently in the Arabian Islands [which are located] within Islamic territorial waters. Through this campaign, the ring of terror is tightening around the American presence in the area. Because they have been struck on land, have been defeated in the air, and their bodies have been torn to pieces on [these?] Islands and in the their floating war ships [=destroyers or aircraft carriers]. 

Also, it accentuated the faulty [performance] of the American soldiers and their low level of training, if we study their weak manner of response to the assault that came [upon them] by surprise, from the point of view of place and timing, by only two of the nation’s heroes, who made the blood of their enemies flow. 

The triumph of the Islamic will of the Kuwaiti people against the attempt to “westernize” them and deprive them of their Islamic identity by the United States, while presenting an example and paragon of self-sacrifice. Repulsing the American Christian assault on Iraq begins [or: will begin] in Kuwait, in the form of a heroic demonstration of the [Islamic] nation’s unity.

It has clarified the reality of the painful conquest and the lowest level to which the dominating regimes have stooped – they that treat their peoples tyrannically [and simultaneously serve] as willing slaves in the service of the enemies of Allah and [act] shamefully: [This is how it was] when the government security units in Kuwait bowed low and their weapons were taken from them – in their own land. Also, the entrance of the Ministers of Defense and Interior of the reigning regime was forbidden. And the plight of the women did not improve… 

The United States marches from one failure to the next and from bad to worse. Because the hotowards it has spread in the body of the [Islamic] nation. This thing illustrates that our natis well, and that our people is fired with awareness and ready to lay down their lives at the instruction of the nation’s righteous leaders and its trusted leaders, and also to [heed the commands of] the leaders of Islamic associations and organizations [when they say to them]: “Grasp the hand of your nation [and lead it towards] the glory of this world and the next.”

The eruption of the Indonesian volcano on the houses of sin and licentiousness and the bus of these foreigners:

In the framework of a glorious picture, whose pieces complement each other, a series of attacks took place in Indonesia. This, in order to once again illustrate a fact that we had forgotten in the tumult of pain and anguish, as [the Koran] states: “This nation of yours is our nation. I am your Lord – therefore, worship me,” [Surah Alanbiya – “(11, 92]. 

The human strategic depth of Islam is to be found in the Eastern Muslims [=Southeast Asia]. The population census of the Muslim world [indicates that their number] is a billion and three hundred million (among whom are three hundred million Arabs. Parenthesis in the original). Therefore, the [strategic] human depth of the Muslims is in our brothers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, and the nation must take them into account. [Meaning] that we must translate our “Jihad” culture for them. 

The campaigns in Indonesia are a conscious and natural response to the situation of oppression in which the nation in Palestine and Afghanistan is situated. And the daily threat against Iraq by the “unfortunate world triangle”: The Jews, the Americans and the British. 

The united purpose achieved in these campaigns indicates that it is activated by a single hand and one worldview, which has begun to represent the “Jihad” school of thought of the [present] era which spreads from the northern part of the nation to the south, and from east to west. 

Here we return to the actions in the region of Eastern Asia – in Indonesia.

So, has the United States learned its lesson or will it continue to limp on its way to annihilation?

Because the winds of victory are blowing in order to breathe a stormy gale into the heretics. Therefore, let us hoist the mast of glory in order to sail in the sea of Jihad. Let us set anchor in the land of beauty, the prayer of Allah upon it and his blessing for peace. Anyone who possess an arrow in his quiver, make haste and [shoot] it for the sake of Allah, and aim it at the enemies of religion – the Jews and the Christians and do not stray from them [=in shooting the arrows] to aim at others, at this stage. In this matter I will elaborate further. 

Oh Allah, take pity on our dead, who sacrificed their lives to please you at each and every site. [As stated in the Koran]: “Allah, take the lives and property of the believers, so that the Garden of Eden will be for them. [In exchange] they will fight for Allah, they will kill and be killed. This is a promise that obligates him [=Allah], as it says in the Torah, in the New Testament (Evangel) and in the Koran. Is there anyone else who honors his commitment [more than] Allah!? If so, rejoice in the deal you made with him because that is the [greatest] victory. [The Sura Altuba – “the chapter of the repentance (9,111)].