ATbar The Next Snowden Case can be Prevented

The Next Snowden Case can be Prevented

03/04/2014 | by Shoval, Shabtai  

One of the existing cyber measures intended to prevent an “insider threat” would have stopped Edward Snowden, or Mordechai Vanunu for that matter. Moreover, all of the IT-oriented solutions designed to prevent an “insider threat” within the organization are incapable, by definition, of preventing a sophisticated employee from carrying out his evil schemes. This serious allegation will most certainly enrage all of those IT executives who spend millions each year on technologies offering only limited effectiveness.

Edward Snowden inflicted a strategic damage on the US that was more substantial than the damage inflicted by all of the cyber attacks staged by terrorist elements against the American government in the last ten years. Mordechai Vanunu revealed the secrets of Israel’s nuclear program (according to foreign sources) and the information leaked by Anat Kamm could have resulted in the loss of lives.

Beyond those prominent cases at the government level, there are dozens of cases at the business level where employees or sub-contractors of various business organizations caused massive damage.

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