ATbar Who Are You, Boko Haram?

Who Are You, Boko Haram?

12/12/2012 | by Doukhan, David (Dr.)  

This paper aims at presenting the different contexts of the activity of Boko Haram, a Salafi Jihad terrorist organization, one of the most murderous terrorist organizations in Africa, which operates in the huge country of Nigeria. The country has been defined by the USAas a strategic asset (the USA's third largest oil supplier and one of the two African economic superpowers, the other being South Africa).

It is imperative to be familiar with Boko Haram not only due to the challenges and threats it poses to the governmental stability in Nigeria and its regional influence in the context of ethnic and religious rivalry (between the Muslim and Christian communities), but also because of its declared connections with Al-Qaeda and Global Jihad and the threats its leaders have published against the USA and the western world.

In this paper the author discusses several aspects which are important and vital for grasping a comprehensive picture of the organization, the stages in its development and the ways in which it operates.

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