ATbar The Muslim Brotherhood - in its own words

The Muslim Brotherhood - in its own words

20/08/2013 | by Multiple Authors  

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

First published by Palestinian Media Watch

In light of the recent crisis in Egyptand the pivotal role played by the Muslim Brotherhood, it is important to understand what does the Muslim Brotherhood stand for? What are its beliefs, opinions and goals? In order to understand the implications, Palestinian Media Watch has translated the book Jihad is the Way by Mustafa Mashhur, who was the official leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 1996-2002. The book is the fifth volume of his full work called The Laws of Da'wa (Islamic missionary activity). 

In his book, Jihad is the Way, Mashhur explains in detail the Muslim Brotherhood’s religious beliefs and aspirations, and especially the role of violent Jihad in bringing about a world under Islam. Mashhur's teachings encompass subjects such as the Muslim Brotherhood's goal of establishing an Islamic state, world domination under Islam, the public and personal religious duty of military Jihad, and the warning not to rush to Jihad until it is prepared and timed for maximum benefit.

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