ATbar Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts in 2017

Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts Jan-Feb 2017

08/01/2017 | by ICT Staff  

Interview with Dr. Karmon to the German blog Jungle World about Hamas in Gaza after the election of a new leader,Yahia al-Sinwar

Interview with Dr. Michael Barak to the German Radio Deutschlandfunk on How journalists should report on terrorism and how they can uncover the corresponding propaganda 

Mr. Yaron Blum was quoted in a Middle East Eye article about Hamas's newly elected Gaza political leader, Yahya Sinwars. Mr. Blum argued that "will be very difficult to reach any sort of understandings with Sinwar" and he "will do what he can to carry out terror attacks”

Prof. Boaz Ganor was quoted in Jewish News Service about how Islamic State-affiliated armed organizations are challenging the Hamas terror group’s rule in the Gaza Strip and are seeking to topple the Islamist regime. Prof. Ganor pointed out that Hamas's challenges in dealing with the Salafi jihadists are similar to the issues Fatah and the Palestinian Authority had — and continue to have — with Hamas itself. In addition, Prof. Ganor stated that Hamas could crush the Salafi jihadists in Gaza — putting an end to their presence — "without difficulties", but they don't want to do this since “it is comfortable for them to have a more extreme element than them in the Palestinian arena. This portrays Hamas as a rational and stabilizing force in the arena"

Mr. Yaron Blum was quoted in a Washington Post article about Hamas decision to name a hard-liner and top militia commander as the movement’s new leader. Mr. Blum was also quoted in National Post (Canada), Reuters and The Guardian 

Dr. Ely Karmon articles "Europe slowly Waking Up to Islamist Terror" and "The Demise of the Caliphate: Quo Vadis ISIS?" cited in the article "Will the EU be able to defend itself?" in the news website Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times)

In a Pulse News Agency International article, Dr. Ely Karmon was cited regarding the rockets fired at Israeli resort of Eilat from the Sinai Peninsula last week. Dr. Karmon said that it was the first time since 2015 that rockets had been fired at Israel from Egypt. Also published in Daily Mail,  Le Monde (France) and Correio do Povo (Brazil) 

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Argentinian monthly DEF (Defensa & Seguridad)

Mr. Erez Kreiner was quoted in a Times of Israel article about the participation of Mossad and Shin Bet, which is known locally as the Shabak, at the Cybertech exhibition in Tel-Aviv last week. Mr. Erez Kreiner stated that the war for cybersecurity “has brought the Mossad and Shabak out” because they understand that there is a need to cooperate with the industry. 

Interview with Nr. Erez Kreiner to The Times of Israel about the leading position of Israel in the battle against cyberattacks. Mr.Kreiner points out that cyber-challenges are moving very fast and becoming more intense, adding that they are sponsored both by individual hacker groups and by nation states. In particular, according to Dr.Kreiner “state-sponsored attacks are more intense than those perpetuated by individual hackers” because of “nations have more resources and less fear of being discovered”. In addition, cyberwarfare requires “less investment and development times are faster”. 

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to i24News in French, about the US commando attack  against an important al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) target in Yemen (min. 3)

Brig. Gen. (Res) Shalom Harari was cited in Haaretz analysis about the American insistence on leaving the embassy in Tel Aviv. Brig. Gen. Harari stated that reports about the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem are threatening the fragile web of relations between Israel and its Sunni neighbors, whom Prime Minister Netanyahu describes as part of a nascent network committed to regional peace.

Brig. Gen. (Res) Nitzan Nuriel was quoted in Breaking Israel News stating that 2017 will be a ”a particularly bloody year, especially for the western world.” The Israeli terrorism expert points to the ambition of ISIS to convince the world that “Islamic State concept is invincible,” which will intensify attacks in Europe. He also adds that “it is no longer a question ‘whether’ but a question of ‘when and how much,'” since the Caliphate has already issued its directives for the attack on the West. 

Citation of interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Italian weekly Panorama about the Jerusalem truck attack and the Paris conference

Article written by research fellow Dan Diker published in the Jerusalem Post titled: “Understanding Israel’s assessment of ISIS-inspired terrorism”

Brig. Gen. Res. Gal Hirsch was quoted about the Elor Azaria trial in an Ynet News article about an IDF leadership conference in Haifa

Prof. Boaz Ganor was cited in a Ynet News article about truck ramming attacks in Israel and Europe

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Colombian NTN24 TV station about the Jerusalem terror attack 

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the i24News TV station, in French, about the truck attack in Jerusalem (after min.11:45

Interview with Mr. Shabtai Shavit to the Jerusalem Post about Iran and ISIS

In a Telegraph article, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguière was quoted regarding President Francois Hollande’s statements about targeted killings conducted by France in the Middle East

Article published in the Jerusalem Post on a conference on the future threats Israel faces and in honor of Brig.-Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch’s new book Defensive Shield

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to Radio Suisse (in French) about how the Israeli experience can inspire European countries in preventing terrorist attacks