ATbar Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts in 2017

Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts May-June 2017

25/05/2017 | by ICT Staff  

Article written by Prof. Assaf Moghadam published in The Washington Post titled: "How the London Attacks Reveal a Gateway to Terrorism



Professor Assaf Moghadam was cited in an article of the The Washington Post about the competition over recruitment between ISIS and al Qaeda and ISIS attacks during Ramadan.



Mr. Dan Diker was quoted in a Marocco World News article regarding President Donald Trump’s view to restarting peace talks between Israel and Palestine. In this direction, Mr. Diker pointed out that the “convergence of concern between Israel, the Sunni Arab states and President Trump’s administration creates the possibility for real coordination and cooperation between Israel and the Arab world.”



Dr. Ely Karmon was quoted in a CBN News article about President Donald Trump’s decision to disclose classified information to Russian. Dr. Karmon stated that Trump "has the authority" to share information, but he must also "negotiate" with the intelligence agency on how to use it without endangering either "human or technological assets”.



Interview with Brig. Gen. (Res) Nitzan Nuriel to the European Jewish Press about the threat posed by ISIS to Europe. In particular Brig. Gen. (Res) Nuriel is of the opinion that “Isis is going to use new skills, like chemicals, in Europe in a very short period of time”.



Mr. Shabtai Shavit was cited in Bloomberg Politics regarding the possibility that President Donald Trump’s decision to disclose classified information to Russian officials could threaten vital foreign intelligence ties. 



Lt.-Col. (res.) Uri Ben Yaakov was quoted in The Jerusalem Post about the cyber attack that engulfed tens of thousands of computers in 104 countries. Lt.-Col. (res.) Ben Yaakov confirmed that the global attack was carried out by organized crime, and was unprecedented in its scale.



Dr. Erez Kreiner was quoted in The Times of Israel about the global cyber attack that struck several countries worldwide. Dr. Kreiner argued that “in future things will only get worse – the ability for such large-scale attacks exists. When they will happen again depends only on the intentions of the perpetrators.”



Lt. Gen. Ret. Orit Adato was quoted in The Time of Israel about the treatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Lt. Gen. Ret. Adato stated that the conditions in Israeli jails are “very humane”, and prisoners are being supplied with all their needs — food, clothing, medical treatment.