ATbar Monthly Summary of Events June 2017

Monthly Summary of Events June 2017

01/08/2017 | by Landau, Edan  


During the month of June, the trend of terrorist attacks continued against security forces and civilians throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem. In a combined shooting and stabbing attack at two locations in the Old City in Jerusalem, a Border Policewoman was killed and two others were injured. The three terrorists, residents of a village next to Ramallah, were shot and killed by security forces. Despite the fact that the Islamic State (IS) published an announcement claiming responsibility for the attack, Palestinian organizations also claimed the terrorists as members of their ranks. It is believed that the terrorists acted on their own.

During the month, the supply of electricity from Israel and Egypt to the Gaza Strip was stopped per the request of the Palestinian Authority against the backdrop of tensions between the PA and the Hamas leadership. The Egyptian authorities exploited the situation in order to demand that Hamas hand over persons wanted for terrorist activity in the Sinai Peninsula, and transfer intelligence about the smuggling tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for renewing the electricity supply. Later, as part of preliminary agreements with the organization and in order to prevent an escalation of the security situation following the humanitarian crisis that was created, Egypt announced that it will sell fuel to the Gaza power plant at a reduced price.

At the same time as the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas terror tunnel was discovered underneath a school run by the UNRWA. In addition, the Israeli Air Force attacked Hamas targets in response to high trajectory rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.

At Israel’s northern border, several incidents were noted of the battle spilling over from Syria into the Golan Heights. In response, IDF tanks and IAF aircraft attacked several Syrian army targets in the area of the Syrian city, Quneitra, which resulted in several losses on the side of the Syrian army. 

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