ATbar Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts 2020

Interviews and Op-eds of ICT's Experts 2020

05/02/2020 | by ICT Researchers  



Dr. Michael Barak in an interview to Haaretz "How ISIS Made Al-Qaida and the Taliban Look Like Moderates and Where We Go From Here"

Dr. Michael Barak in an interview to the Brazilian newspaper Veja on the consequences of Kassem Suleimani's assassination on the region and rising tensions between Iran and the United States




Dr. Ely Karmon in an article on TV7 Israel News about "The Iran-Russia-Turkey Triangle"


Edan Landau in an interview to i24NEWS  




"Indeed we have to continue to teach, research and work even during the difficult crisis we pass, each one in his country but as a sign of international solidarity and strength"

Watch ICT's Dr. Ely Karmon in a lecture at the LUISS Guido Carli University

Prof. Víctor Antonio Bolívar Castillo in an article to El Nacional, about the relations of the Chavez and Maduro's regime with Iran and Hezbollah 


Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in an article by the French Le Point on the effect of the Corona-19 crisis on relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

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Dr. Ely Karmon was interviewd by Pierardo Davini, Chief Rome Correspondent for the US-Italy Global Affairs Forum

11.05.2020 Dr. Ely Karmon was interviewed to the French weekly Le Point, “Between Israel and Iran, the secret war is declared” 

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25.05.2020 Dr. Ely Karmon was quoted on the Venezuelan portal (in Spanish)



07.06.2020 Edan Landau in an interview to i24News about the riots in Lebanon and the violence between Hezbollah supporters and opponents 

A review of Prof. Gabriel Weimann's study on far-right extremism on Tik-Tok, Jerusalem PostTimes of Israel, Israel Hayom, i24News, JTA, LA Jewish Journal, JNS, Arutz Sheva, The Jewish Press, United with Israel, Cleveland Jwewish News, Columbus Jewish News, St Louis Jewish News, The Worls News, Calcalist

11.06.2020 How will the end of the global war on terrorism affect Israel' a review on ICT's report on the Jerusalem Post

 Moshe Marzou in an interview to Ynet News "Palestinian Authority unable to pay May salaries"

24.06.2020 A review of Dr. Ely Karmon's article "The Radical Right and the Obsession with Bioterrorism" on the Jerusalem Post. Also available in Spanish Israel Noticias

Dr. Ely Karmon was interviewed on the i24News Le Grand Live show, in French, on the proximity of an agreement between Sudan and the United States on compensation for the families of victims of the two attacks in 1998 against American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

25.06.2020 Counter-Extremism Project cited the JPost review on Dr. Ely Karmon's article "The Radical Right and the Obsession with Bioterrorism"