ATbar The Expansion of Radical Islam in Africa - Mozambique as a Case Study

The Expansion of Radical Islam in Africa - Mozambique as a Case Study

10/01/2021 | by ICT Researchers  

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2020 was a good year for radical Islamic terrorist organizations in Africa. While the rest of the world tried to contain and curb the Covid-19 pandemic as well as work frantically toward a vaccine, the former’s activity expanded and claimed the lives of thousands, turned hundreds of thousands into refugees in their own countries and further destabilized governments’ rule in vast regions in the continent. The cycle of violence has expanded to include more countries.
De facto, as opposed to the common opinion that north Africa (the Maghreb), the Sahel region together with Nigeria (Lake Chad) and Somalia (in the Horn of Africa) are conspicuous fighting theaters for radical Islamic organizations, the entire continent (including its eastern and southern regions) is mired in fighting kinetic terrorism and subversion by radical Islamic organizations that are not always connected to one another. In this document we will discuss the obvious question - why is it so? We will review the background and the main reasons for this phenomenon and focus on Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province’ case, which threatens the country and the entire region’s stability.
The above question has several answers, none of which is simple. Prior to attempting to provide them, we should note one historical fact - Africa’s story has always been laced with violence and wars.


Article by: Dr. Eitan Azani and Dr. David Duchan

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