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ICT’s Research and Publications include short analyses and in-depth publications on a wide variety of topics including: terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, radicalization process, cyber-terrorism, reviews from Jihadi Websites and insights from our database.


Cargo Containers in Transit – The Iranian Threat

18/12/2011 | by Multiple Authors

Iran has been transferring in recent years large amounts of weapons to well-known terrorist groups in Lebanon and Gaza by various means. One of the ways Iran has found to be very effective is using maritime containers which ship through intermediate ports on their way to their final destinations. Iran exploits the fact that those containers, which are also known as "transit containers," almost never have their content screened at the intermediate ports. In this article we propose a global solution for the problem, one that will increase substantially local authorities' chances of apprehending Iranian weapons at the intermediate ports before they reach terrorist organizations.

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The Jihad "Istanbul declaration" and the Gaza Flotilla

26/06/2010 | by Fighel, Jonathan (Col. Ret.)

 The violent nature of the flotilla and the events on board of the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara should not have been a surprise if anyone would have "connected the dots" before the takeover of the ship by the Israeli Naval Commandos. The Gaza flotilla initiative was a step in the implementation of the Jihadi "Istanbul declaration", which was issued at a conference held in Istanbul on 14-15 February 2009 under the title "Gaza victory".

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Somali Piracy: An Escalating Security Dilemma

20/08/2009 | by Multiple Authors
Piracy off the coast of Somalia has grown exponentially in recent years. This paper will explain the growing trend, which is the result of a number of factors, including the unstable political environment, the collapsed economy and the presence of Islamic terror groups in Somalia. The research concludes that only a unified stance by the international community that addresses a two-part strategy can facilitate the eradication of Somali piracy. If the global actors involved do not enhance cooperation in the fight against piracy while simultaneously enacting measures to improve stability in Somalia, global commercial trade will continue to suffer from extortion, and Islamic radicalism in Somalia will continue to thrive and potentially overtake the country.3
This article was first published with Harvard Africa Policy Journal, Vol. 5, Spring 2009, pp. 55-70.

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The Threat of Maritime Terrorism to Israel

24/09/2007 | by Lorenz, Akiva
The purpose of this essay is to define maritime terrorism and analyze Palestinian and Al Qaeda's maritime capabilities, focusing on the 1970s and from 2000 to 2006. Their past operations will be reviewed, new developments will be discussed, and projections will be given in order to help security services ensure a safer tomorrow.
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Terror at Sea - The Maritime Threat

25/04/2005 | by Multiple Authors

In the aftermath of the devastating attacks of 11 September 2001, governments around the world began scrambling to assess their vulnerability to terrorist groups. Security agencies now view maritime transport as a prime target for future attacks.

By Ophir Falk and Yaron Schwartz

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