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ICT’s Research and Publications include short analyses and in-depth publications on a wide variety of topics including: terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, radicalization process, cyber-terrorism, reviews from Jihadi Websites and insights from our database.


The Paris Black Friday 13/11/2015 Attacks - A Captagon Connection?

18/11/2015 | by Ganor, Boaz (Prof.)

On November 17, 2015, French website published a video of the hotel room booked by Salah Abdeslam, one of the potential perpetrators of the Black Friday Paris Attacks.

Le Point explains that Salah Abdeslam booked two rooms on in a hotel in Alfortville (Val-de-Marne), next to Paris. Abdelslam and his accomplices arrived to the hotel two days before the attacks. A large quantity of syringes was found in the room and is currently being analysed by the French authority.

by Prof. Boaz Ganor and Dr. Miri Halperin-Wernli
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Wireless Medical Device Technology – Still Secure Enough?

22/02/2015 | by Multiple Authors
Medtech manufacturers and users need to be ever alert to the risk of theft of intellectual property, regulatory violations, and loss of proprietary information assets. Security should be a top priority for executives thinking of entering the market with innovative medical devices, according to Miri Halperin Wernli, PhD, VP, deputy head global clinical development, global head business and science affairs, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and Boaz Ganor, PhD, of the Tel Aviv-based International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT), who addressed these issues at the ICT’s 14th International Conference on Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel last year.

Written by Dr Miri Halperin Wernli and Prof Boaz Ganor
First Published in: IN VIVO: The Business & Medicine Report | February 2015 | 
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