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ICT’s Research and Publications include short analyses and in-depth publications on a wide variety of topics including: terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, radicalization process, cyber-terrorism, reviews from Jihadi Websites and insights from our database.


Terror Tagging for Iran and Liberal Democracy

31/01/2017 | by Multiple Authors

“Terror tagging” refers to labeling Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). We argue that terror tagging of Iranian institutions and individuals would facilitate the growth of liberal democracy in Iran, e.g., provide real guarantees to the people of Iran that the leadership would face consequences for violation of civil liberties at home and rules of international relations norms abroad.

Written by Dr. Raymond Tanter and Edward Stafford

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The Syrian Conundrum: Where is Saudi Arabia?

11/01/2017 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)

“Why Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not Part of Syrian Ceasefire Deal?” titled an article on the official RussianSputnik news agency, referring to an agreement achieved in late December in Moscow by Russia and Turkey as its co-guarantors and Iran as part of it. There is no clear answer to this question in the article. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared that Egypt could soon become part of the Syrian peace talks, adding that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Iraq will also be invited to take part in these efforts in the future. The article notes thatSaudi Arabia and Qatar have long provided support to some of the radical groups fighting in Syria, one of the factors contributing to the continuation of the nearly six-years-long war.

First published in The Jerusalem Post 

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Is the War Against Boko Haram Over?

11/01/2017 | by Doukhan, David (Dr.)

While the eyes of the world focus on Iraq and Syria to monitor the coalition forces' progress against the Islamic State in Mosul and Al-Raqqa, the biggest democratic nation in Africa, Nigeria, records a military victory over a radical Islamic organization named Boko Haram.

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Jihadists threats to Latin America and Hezbollah and Iran in Peru

12/12/2016 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)
During my participation at the International Seminar for the Combat of Terrorism and the Financing of Terrorism in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 30, 2016, I presented a short evaluation about the terrorism threats coming from the Middle East.
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Signs of Iranian weakness?

10/10/2016 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)

Concerned by regional developments, Iran is buttressing its strategic alliances; Israel should take note.

Republication of the Jerusalem Report Commentary.

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