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Governance Desk

Dr. Amichai MagenEstablished in 2012 by Dr. Amichai Magen, the ICT’s Governance & Political Violence Desk is now a leading source of interdisciplinaryacademic and policy research, teaching, and outreach on the relationship between questions of governance (sovereignty, statehood, democracy, the rule of law, and development) and political violence (terrorism, insurgency,civil conflict, and radicalization). 

Combining Israel’s vast practical experience of confronting different forms of political violence with cutting-edge research and collaboration with outstanding international partners, the Governance & Political Violence Desk advances the ICT’s overall vision through three main streams: (1) original research, publications, conferences and workshops; (2) offering specialized BA and MA level lecture courses and research seminars, and (3) providing advice to decision-makers and engaging in outreach activities to policy communities in Israel, Asia, Europe, and North America