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Terrorist Prosecution Desk

Terrorist Prosecution DeskThe courtroom has become an active front in the war of terror. Battles are being won through convictions holding terrorists and their organizations legally accountable for their crimes and through punitive sentences rendering them inoperable.  Terrorist exploits many of the democratic institutions and freedoms they seek to destroy. It is imperative that we guard and use our legal systems to condemns and dismantle these terrorist organizations and the deceptive fronts which support them.

In response to this phenomenon, we have developed a service indispensable to those bringing court cases against financial institutions and others which have supported terrorist activity. This includes individuals seeking damages, the law firms which represent them, the governmental agencies, law enforcement agencies, and justice departments using legal means to prosecute terrorist organizations and their operatives.

Since 2002 members of ICT/CTS’s staff have been preparing reports documenting and analyzing evidence for ongoing cases, supplying testimony as expert witnesses in courts both in Israel and abroad as well as escorting sensitive and classified evidence internationally. ICT’s extensive database, library of exclusive reports, diverse language capabilities and operational experience in counter-terrorism makes it one of the leading authorities in its field.

The terrorist networks’ financial infrastructures are prime targets for successful prosecution. Their finances are the lifeblood of the organization, enabling training, purchasing of ammunition, maintenance of safe houses, recruitment, propaganda activities, procurement of false documents and preparation of attacks.  By identifying and tracking money illegally funneled through banks, charitable fronts organizations and through direct and indirect money laundering, the rule of law can be used as a powerful weapon in counter terrorism.

ICT/CTS’ staff brings together the qualitative research of scholars with the practitional understanding of experienced counter-terrorism experts.