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World Summit 2015

ICT's 15th International Conference

Conference Theme: Shifting Sands of Terrorism

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ICT's 15th International Conference: World Summit on Counter-Terrorism will address the terrorism challenges currently faced by the international community.  Due to the continuous rise of ISIS, the spread of homegrown terrorism, as well as the instability rocking Syria, Iraq and Africa, the ICT’s World Summit of Counter-Terrorism appears as relevant and critical as ever.

This year’s theme for the conference will address the shifting sands of terrorism. In particular, speakers will explore the progression of the terrorist threat in the face of an evolving environment and a growing diversity of terrorist actors. The conference will also discuss how counter-terrorism policy and strategy can best address this elusive threat.

The conference will take place from September 7 to 10, 2015. It will convene two days of Plenary Sessions, on September 7 and September 8, 2015 (held at the Sharon hotel), and two days of Workshop Sessions on September 9 and September 10, 2015 (held at the IDC Herzliya).

Over 1,000 top decision-makers, defense, intelligence and police officials, prominent academic scholars, and security industry leaders from over 60 countries are taking part in this year's conference.

As a conference participant, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Meet key decision-makers in the fields of Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Interact with government, defense and police officials, who deal with terrorism on a daily basis
  • Learn about cutting-age research, new operational practice and technological innovation from leading international experts
  • Network with entrepreneurs and significantly broaden you customer base in the global security and Counter-Terrorism industry
  • Participate in discussions and professional workshops on the most advanced and pertinent topics in modern Counter-Terrorism
  • Widen and diversify you global network of professional relationship in the field of Counter-Terrorism.