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Counter-Terrorism Today with Dan Diker.

Right Wing Extremism

11/03/2021 | by Counter Terrorism Today
Dr. Colin P Clarke joined the Counter-Terrorism Today podcast to discuss Right Wing Extremism
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The Latest in the World of Terrorism

01/03/2021 | by Counter Terrorism Today
Prof. Boaz Ganor and Mr. Brian Jenkins joined the Counter-Terrorism Today podcast to discuss the latest in the world of terrorism.
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"Home-grown ISIS in America"

24/02/2021 | by Counter Terrorism Today

Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University Seamus Hughes joins Counter-Terrorism Today

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Major General (ret.) Zohar Dvir joins the Counter-Terrorism Today podcast

10/02/2021 | by Counter Terrorism Today
ICT Fellow Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Zohar Dvir joined Etai Handman in the Counter-Terrorism Today podcast to discuss his background and experience in the field of Counter-Terrorism
Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dvir served in the epicenter of Israeli Police and the IDF operations throughout his career of 35 years, in key positions with wide experience in Law enforcement and combat command.
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Overview of the Middle East Landscape

27/07/2020 | by Counter Terrorism Today
Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin joins the podcast to give an overview of the Middle East landscape, the threats, and the challenges facing Israel in the Covid-19 era.
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