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Terror and Psychology


The Terror and Psychology desk deals researches terror as a manifestation of a human behavior, either individual or a group one. It highlights the research of the terror phenomenon as an expression of a group psychology, where the individual’s behavior derives from being a member of a larger reference group. The desk’s articles will incorporate tools and concepts from the individual and group psychology to analyze the  individual’s or the group’s psychological mechanisms driving terror. Among others, the desk will analyze the  honor concept in the jihadi culture, leaders’ speeches,  the psychological impact of the use of social media on the behavior patterns of terrorists and more.


Research Team:

Dr. Eran Shadach – Desk Leader

Dr. Shulamit Geller

Dr. Eitan Azani

Dr. Liram Shtenzler-Koblenz

Dr. Michael Barak

Lorena Atiyas-Lvovsky

Nava Getahun


The Concept of Honor in Jihadi Culture

04/02/2020 | by Multiple Authors
Psychological Point of View
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