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The Escape from Kabul

19/08/2021 | by Kalo, Avi (ADV., Lt. Col. Res.)

Ismail Haniya, one of Hamas’ prominent leaders, called the Taliban leadership to congratulate it for the “heroic victory” over the US as well as for the rapid withdrawal of the US troops and the Taliban takeover of the disintegrating Afghan military strongholds. There is no surprise of course by this manifestation of Hama’s support of the Taliban. The deep religious pan-Islamic connection between both organizations isn’t new and expresses another expression of shared values and unwavering jihadist ideologic identity.

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Hezbollah: Affirmation d’une puissance locale et régionale

14/08/2021 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)
« Hezbollah: Affirmation d’une puissance locale et régionale »,  Conférence dans le cadre d’un Cycle de conférences sur la géopolitique du Moyen-Orient à l’Institut d'Études de Géopolitique Appliquée (EGA), Paris, France.
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The Boomerang Effect of Hezbollah's Actions in Lebanon

08/08/2021 | by Karmon, Ely (Dr.)
It seems, finally, that the other communities in Lebanon are fed-up with Hezbollah's provocations and terrorist activities.
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Demographics – The Road to Happiness or Doom?

15/06/2021 | by Shavit, Shabtai
The Jewish people is only second to the Chinese in the length of its history. Beyond this difference, there are a few others to note in the context of this paper. The important ones are the territorial and religious dimensions.
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Military Coup in Mali - The Future of the Barkhane Force is Shrouded in Mist

08/06/2021 | by Doukhan, David (Dr.)
France's strategy in the Sahel is directed at the region’s countries - partnerships in the fight against all elements of radical Islam that threatens the region. In this context, France strives to ensure the continuation of an active military partnership coupled with ensuring the ability of the countries involved to acquire the capability, knowledge, and means to safeguard their security independently, without the physical presence of French fighters.
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