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The Cyber Desk Review is a periodic report and analysis that addresses two main subjects: cyber-terrorism (offensive, defensive, and the media, and the main topics of jihadist discourse); and cyber-crime, whenever and wherever it is linked to jihad (funding, methods of attack). The Cyber Desk Review addresses the growing significance that cyberspace plays as a battlefield in current and future conflicts, as shown in the recent increase in cyber-attacks on political targets, crucial infrastructure, and the Web sites of commercial corporations.

ICT Cyber-Desk Review: Report #30

23/09/2019 | by Cyber Desk
This report covers the period of January-March 2019.
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Jihadists Use of Virtual Currency 2

03/07/2019 | by Liv, Nadine
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Crime Prediction Technologies

23/06/2019 | by Liv, Nadine
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Archive as a Platform for Storing and Disseminating the Propaganda Materials

05/05/2019 | by ICT Researchers
Written by Dr. Michael Barak and Nadine Liv
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IRGC Cyber-Warfare Capabilities

29/04/2019 | by Cyber Desk

The cyber domain is composed of cellular technologies, space-based communications, and intranets, in addition to the internet of networked computers. Cyberspace often has a physical infrastructure layer which is dictated by the financial laws of rival capitals along with partisan laws of control and self-governing jurisdiction.

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