ATbar ICT's 16th International Conference - Agenda

ICT's 16th International Conference - Agenda


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#ICT16 Unpuzzling Terrorism

Unpuzzling Terrorism

The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's (ICT) 16th International Conference: World Summit on Counter-Terrorism coincides with ICT's 20th Anniversary. To highlight two decades of dedicated efforts to confront international terrorism, this year's conference is held under the theme "Unpuzzling Terrorism". The conference is devoted to discussions focusing on past, present, and future counter-terrorism efforts to address the constantly shifting puzzle of terrorism.

The ICT's 16th International Conference (#ICT16) will open in the evening of September 11, 2016 at IDC Herzliya with a ceremony honoring the memory of the victims of 9/11. On September 12-13, the conference will convene at the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya, where the Summit's plenary sessions are held. The topics of discussion during the plenary sessions will include the evolving threat of Global Jihad; the shifting role of organizations and self-starters in terrorism; the use of social media; the terrorist threat posed to Israel and other democratic countries; and the dilemmas of counter-terrorism.

The last two days of the conference, September 14-15, will explore the general theme of the conference through a series of workshop sessions, keynote addresses and a concluding simulation. 

The Workshop Sessions on September 14 and 15, 2016 will address the current trends, dilemmas and challenges facing the international community, and include workshops on the following topics:

Theatres of Jihad:

The first series of workshops will examine in-depth the main contemporary theaters in which the threat of global jihadism thrives.  This year, the ICT Annual Summit will focus its analysis on jihadist actors in four hotspots: Europe and North America as portrayed by the terrorist attacks in Belgium, France and California; the Middle East, including Syrian jihadist groups and their sponsors in Iraq and elsewhere; as well as in Africa. The workshops in the first series are titled as follows:

  1. Europe and North America: Lessons Learned from Recent Attacks in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando
  2. Middle East Quo Vadis? Syria and Iraq
  3. Africa: Libya, Nigeria and Kenya: The New Battlefield for Global Jihadist Organizations?
  4. Recent Immigration to Europe: Gauging the Terrorism Threat and Counter-Terrorism Options

Emerging Fields in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism:

The second series of workshops is devoted to discussion on the broader context of terrorism and counter-terrorism. The workshops will examine emerging fields and debates related to terrorism and counter-terrorism, and scan new trends in the academic study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. The workshops in the second series are titled as follows: 

  1. The Steven E. Stern Workshop on Cyber Terrorism
  2. The Future of Terrorism Studies
  3. New Battlefields/Old Laws: Legal Triggers of War on New Battlefields

The Challenge of Counter-Terrorism

The third series of workshops will consider the numerous challenges of counter-terrorism. Although states targeted by terrorism have been able to score some counter-terrorism successes in recent years, significant challenges remain due to a number of factors, including: the evolving nature of terrorist actors; rapidly changing regional developments; terrorist actors' persistent motivation to harm their enemies; and the dilemmas faced by democracies, as seen most recently in the response to the Paris and Brussels attacks, in effectively confronting the challenge of terrorism. The workshops in the third series are titled as follows:

  1. Pathways to De-Radicalization
  2. Pro-active Tools for Countering Terrorism
  3. Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism Policing
  4. The Protection of Critical Infrastructure against Terrorism
  5. Terrorism Prosecution and Countering Terrorism Financing

Over 1,000 top decision-makers, defense, intelligence and police officials, prominent academic scholars, and security industry leaders from over 60 countries will take part in this year's conference.

As a conference participant, you will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Meet key decision-makers in the fields of Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Interact with government, defense and police officials, who deal with terrorism on a daily basis
  • Learn about cutting-age research, new operational practice, and technological innovation from leading international experts
  • Network with entrepreneurs and significantly broaden you customer base in the global security and Counter-Terrorism industry
  • Participate in discussions and professional workshops on the most advanced and pertinent topics in modern Counter-Terrorism
  • Widen and diversify you global network of professional relationship in the field of Counter-Terrorism.