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CTS - Counter-Terrorism Solutions Ltd

Consulting Services

The consulting & training arm of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT), a world class think tank.

The most senior veterans of the Israeli intelligence and security establishments.

Up to date intelligence-based Alerts, Threat Assessments and Risk Analyses for government, public, and private sectors.

Unique monitoring capabilities of Global Jihad internet activities on social media, deep-web, darknet and clearnet.

Red Team terrorist operational simulations in both field and table-top.

Unique database of terrorist activities worldwide.

Orientation courses in the business and public sectors, customized training for law enforcement agencies and homeland security authorities.

  • Unparalleled inside knowledge of terrorist organizations and their methods;
  • Years of experience in training and consulting;
  • Innovative and proven risk assessment methodology;
  • Multi-lingual capabilities with special emphasis on Arabic;
  • Red Team and Simulations;
  • OSINT monitoring and analysis;
  • Internet Jihadi activities monitoring and analysis. 

Sound intelligence is the key to effective security planning.

CTS is the key to sound intelligence.

Our Team

Counter-Terrorism Solutions Ltd. (CTS) is the consulting & training arm of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT). 
CTS relies for its project on the core team of ICT; including its Professional Advisory Board, Research Fellows, Associates and Staff. 

What We Do


Governmental Clients



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As well as dozens of international companies and multinational corporations. 

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