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Cyber Terrorism Executive Seminar


Cyber Terrorism

Cyberspace has become an important battlefield, and an integral part of current and future conflicts. Recent years have seen increasing cyber-attacks on political targets, crucial infrastructure, and Web sites of commercial corporations.

These attacks, which are also, increasingly, receiving international attention, are perpetrated by nation-state actors (which do not take responsibility for them); groups of Hacktivists (such as Anonymous); criminal organizations; and lone hackers. Nation-state actors are becoming ever more aware of the cyber threat, and are assessing its effect on their national security.

To this end, many of them are finding (and funding) ways to develop the defense mechanisms to cope with the threat, as well as their own offensive capabilities.

As an integral part of the strategic collaboration, ICT and CyberGym™ developed a joint managerial course to learn theoretical-academic fundamentals. 

The Cyber Terrorism Executive Seminar will be taught by the experts of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the IDC Herzliya.  

The workshop coordinated by Dr. Eitan Azani and includes guest lectures from Dr. Tal PavelAdv. Deborah Housen-Couriel and Col. (Res.) Rami Efrati

As part of the joint study program, participations will attempt to confront practically the cyber terrorism phenomenon with CyberGym™ trainers at the company’s installation in Heftziba, near Hadera. CyberGym offers top level management and company directors a unique program suited to their special needs as the organization's leaders. 

Program Participants

The Cyber Terrorism Executive Seminar is designed for executives and practitioners who work in the field of homeland security, as well as scholars and graduate students who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of the cyber world and cyber terrorism.

No previous knowledge is required.

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