ATbar Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Red Team methodology is a multi-stage process placing the client in a spectator position and shifting his sights onto the adversary. It provides the client with a unique vantage point “behind enemy  lines”, enabling him to monitor the inner workings of a Jihadi terrorist organization preparing an attack on his assets. In addition to a " table top" configuration this methodology may also incorporate a field dimension whereby the Team simulating the hostiles mounts an early covert field reconnaissance operation on a given target or arena without notifying the defending party, thus testing it under realistic circumstances.

The information independently collected from a variety of open sources and the field is then utilized by the Red Team for considering several attack modes out of which one is finally transformed into an operational plan. Target selection, intelligence evaluation and planning stages are transparent to the client who can closely observe and monitor them in order to obtain an intimate insight as to how a given terrorist organization functions in terms of its fundamental mind set, ideological and operational considerations, decision making process and the final formulation of an MO.

ICT Red Team

War Games usually involve two inter-acting parties simulating several given roles under strict laboratory conditions whereby client`s decision makers are drilled in their rolls against our team simulating terrorist hostiles. In the context of Counter-Terrorism this methodology can be useful in simulating Crisis Management situations before, during or after a “hostile terrorist operation”  and is normally meant for Governmental clients from  the Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security communities.

These services were already were successfully provided to a number of Western intelligence and security agencies.

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